Guest Post – Best Flaky Samoosas by Hajra

When you live in a foreign country the things you miss the most are:

Family, Friends, and Food. may not be in that order though 😉

Yes, you heard me right FOOD. You only learn to appreciate the value of desi food once you are in a land far, far and pretty far away (in my case). You miss the food ever so often but you miss it the most around Ramadan time remembering all the street food you get to eat back home.
My mom has always been the best cook in our entire family. All our family and friends look forward to Ramadan dawats at our place just to eat my mom’s delicious food. I and my sister were the sous-chefs doing all the cutting, cleaning and prep work for her. Before Ramadan would start we would be assigned the duty of making samosas. It would be a whole day event which was scheduled seeing when all three of us were available. My mom would make up the dough and the filling and it would be me and my sister’s duty to shape them and properly freeze them.

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Guest post: No bake brownie cream cake by Uzra Kazmi

No Bake Brownie cake.jpg
Ramadan is almost approaching with all its blessings and delicious cuisines to be served in suhoor and aftaar. While fasting for a long hot day, the kitchen is the last place anyone wants to be is in. So making a delicious cold dessert without turning on the oven comes as a rescue. Here is a quick and easy recipe of no bake brownie cake to save your one dish sweating and boosting your low sugar levels after a day-long fast.   You can make it either during the day or at night and serve next day.

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