Letter N Crafts

Last week we did letter N crafts, Kids loved the night, abi made a separate Night craft as well. Ib (of course) loved the hammer the most (N for Nail craft)!Toddler & Preschoolers Letter N Crafts (9)

What I have begun loving about these craft series is that kids love to go back to all the crafts and read them, since we are doing phonics these days Abi is practicing phonics with our Letter-craft-book that we made ourselves. She even loves to teach it to her younger sib pretending that she is the teacher, and he loves it all already too 🙂

I can’t wait to put up my energies and do rest of the letter crafts and also begin our Arabic letter Crafts too.  Continue reading

Learning letters. Letter A.

This post officially marks the start of our journey of Homeschooling! Its been some time that Abi is showing interest in tracing and writing (I did download some tracing apps which she figured out herself and even started writing An independently without my intervention or teaching her so.) and then I thought its time we should properly start our letters journey. Continue reading