Corn Cake

From  breads/pancakes in breakfast to cakes and cookies for tea and to sandwiches and pizzas for the lunch & dinner – we are all twirling around white flour in one way or another. Even in the desi households refined-flour is often used for making Rotis and Parathas because of its ease in handling. Because one of the keys to happiness is cake-ing 😉


But is there any danger lurking beneath the bleached white bliss ? Well, Maybe!  Continue reading


My kids love to help me in the kitchen, the get to play with water, pretend they are cooking by stirring pulses in pots and they get to mix! and they love mixing and mixing! what an awesome feeling it must be for them.

Even my 20m old come over and ask if he can ‘hep’? (help) and when I ask how he responds ‘miks miks’ (mix! mix!). So this fine morning kids wanted to eat (read MAKE) pancakes and we gathered our basic ingredients to start working. (it yields almost 10 pancakes) Continue reading