Simplicity is essence of Ramadan – Guest post by Amina Malik


We are living in a world of overindulgence and self-entertainment. Millennials (I AM ONE) are more liable to adopt prodigality and intemperance to seek pleasure and fulfillment. With this ever changing and evolving world, we are missing on an essential Islamic value “Simplicity“.

The Companions of Messenger of Allah (SAWS) mentioned the life of the world before him. He (PBUH) said,

 “Do you not hear? Do you not hear? Simplicity (in life) is part of Faith, simplicity is part of Faith.”  [Abu Dawud]

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Ramadan plan for


Asalamualikum wr, (may peace be upon you)

Happy Ramadan, (Ramadan Mubarak/Kareem – however, you prefer it) Okay I know I am 5 days late in wishing, but at least it is not late than never.

Insha Allah this Ramadan, the blog will host 8 Guest posts. 2 for each week.

  • 4 Recipe guest blog posts
  • 4 Ramadan Reflection guest posts –

Happy Reading – and may this Ramadan increase you in your health & spirit! and may it help you all and myself in drawing close to our Maker – Amen.


Brilliant Excuses – 2

Another Toddler comic, with Ramadan around the corner, my kids are picking up a bit about fasting. Although the instance was slightly different in real, Ib ended up saying that he cant eat an egg because it had ‘bones’ in it :/ !!!

Toddler excuses after all :/

Muslim Toddler comics - Brilliant excuse 2.png

RCC 14 Najmat al-Quds Wall art


This craft has been very close to my heart but I took so long to post it because I wasn’t sure how will I explain it here. But before let me explain a Najmat-ul-Qudus, This is an ancient Islamic symbol of two over-laping squares (qudus) making a star (najmah) Read in detail here.

Its a pretty easy craft and just require few items, for the threaded Najmat-ul-qudus you only need: Continue reading