Simplicity is essence of Ramadan – Guest post by Amina Malik


We are living in a world of overindulgence and self-entertainment. Millennials (I AM ONE) are more liable to adopt prodigality and intemperance to seek pleasure and fulfillment. With this ever changing and evolving world, we are missing on an essential Islamic value “Simplicity“.

The Companions of Messenger of Allah (SAWS) mentioned the life of the world before him. He (PBUH) said,

 “Do you not hear? Do you not hear? Simplicity (in life) is part of Faith, simplicity is part of Faith.”  [Abu Dawud]

 He (PBUH) personified simplicity and he encouraged his followers to do so.

Being raised in a very small village, I am lucky enough to witness and live minimalism in my whole childhood and teen years too. Though I moved to a city after marriage, Alhumdo Lillah I am still keeping this value alive. Simplicity is a way of life for myself and my kids as well. Few things I do simple are:

Simple cooking:

I cook simple and desi (organic) meals for my family. It is healthy and nutritious and saves me those extra hours,

Simple Clothes:

We wear simple clothes. It saves us hard earned money.

Benefits of Simple lifestyle:

  • we save time & effort
  • we avoid wasting energy
  • simplicity and minimalism make our lives easy and stress-free.
  • we enjoy greater health & have clarity of mind
  • we have a less cluttered house – which is easier to clean.

A total “WIN-WIN” situation.

How to keep things simple in Ramadan:

Ramadan is almost here. Let’s work on keeping things simple at least in this month to get more time and focus on ” Ibadah” and attain more “Piety”.

Here are two things I do to make the most of “Ramadan”.

  1. I make sure to shop Eid clothes for the hole family beforehand. (Honestly sometimes i do wear old ones too)
  2. My “Sahoor” and  “Iftaar” meals are almost same throughout the month of Ramadan.

Sahoor: I do eat roti with salun,yougurt and drink almost a litre of “Lassi ” in Sahoor.

Iftaar: Iftaar is 5 dates with 2 glasses of lemonade ( I do add honey instead of sugar). After Maghrib Prayer, I eat fruit chaat (that too with out sugar) or chana chaat.

Eating fruits or protein rich chana chaat helps me stay active at time of Taraweeh , on the contrary oily and spicy food make us lazy and lethargic.


Benefits of having simple food in Ramadan:

By the end of Ramadan one feel  rejuvenated not only spiritually but physically too.

Lets make a point of spending this Ramadan with simplicity and  devote more time for Ibadah and lesser in planning meals and shopping clothes .

May Allah guide us all in every aspect of life and enable us to live Islamic values to the fullest.


Amina malik

Mother of two kids and Life Coach at Parenting And Relationship coaching Pakistan Amina malik can be reached at:


1 thought on “Simplicity is essence of Ramadan – Guest post by Amina Malik

  1. Asalam alaikum sister Amina,

    Such a good reminder! I pray Allah will make this Ramadan successful for you and your loved ones.

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