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I am Asbah. A servent of Allah who is a muslim by birth and choice, Accountant by way of studies, an artist at heart, house wife by profession and a mom to two toddlers. This blog had been my major writing rendezvous while i was young but will feature more grown-up mommy type content, simply owing to the fact that i have become one. My struggles and comforts as a mommy, our cooking and crafting adventures and a rant or two in between ;).

Cleaning games: how to engage children in cleaning.

Guest Post by Sophia Evans

A few years ago, I used to take part in an annual campaign to clean up the environment from litter and similar sorts of waste. It was quite a large and positive event where big groups of people would get together weather they are neighbors who organized and got to work or institutions like schools, beaconing their staff and students to refresh their town. It had a lot of publicity and was advertised in hindsight of the day of the event.

Engaging Children in Cleaning.png

On a much smaller scale, a campaign, let us say, for a child to clean their room would certainly be adorable as well. Although no such campaigns and advertisements are on the radar, this child’s parent or guardian can set up their own domestic event. Basically they can just make a big deal out of it. A family holiday event which is celebrated once a week, where everyone clean up and at dinner, everyone is appreciated and congratulated for a job well done. Continue reading

Summers in Pakistan

Originally published at youth club in summers of 2013.

Being in the luxury of 24/7 air conditioning at Cayman Islands had me believing that I deserve it. And Four years later when I had to endure the Summers of Pakistan again, it saw me sweating and angry and complaining.

The following is an old article I wrote when I was a happy and perhaps much more patient person. Re-reading it was such a reality check for myself first and I thought it has the potential to inspire others to rethink the stereotype of heat and summers as well.

It was written in the background of Ramadan about to set in, and today when we had just bade farewell to Ramadan it still feels relevant. Please read on:

Continue reading

Teaching kids to clean-up Masaajids – Guest post by Umm Ruqaiya

5 Reasons why Kids do not clean up the Masjids and practical steps to solve this problem

How can we not talk about Masajid when we talk about Ramadan?! Masajid are filled in Ramadan like in no other month.

Before I begin to talk on the subject, I request you to kindly ask yourself a question and genuinely answer it:

Is Masjid a second home for your children or is it a tourist spot for them?

What answer did you get? Unfortunately, for many, the answer is the latter one; whether your heart is able to admit it or not.

Masaajid are often not taken care of or loved as homes, rather our children treat Masajid as tourist spots. Where they go and do whatever they want and leave it in worse condition than it was before they came in. And it doesn’t seem to bother them or their parents at all. #Painful

It would be such a dream come true when children clean Masajid on their own. #Hopeful #InshaAllah. Some of you might say, “well, they are kids.” True that.

But is a ten year old or even a five year old too young to comprehend the difference between clean & unclean? Do you not expect your children of that age to clean up after themselves when at home? You do! (If you don’t, then there is an even bigger problem you need to solve sister.)

So, for now let’s stick to the age range of 5 years and up. Why can’t these children clean up in Masjid? Or be mindful of not making it dirty in the first place?

In my opinion there are 5 reasons for this problems, I have listed them below with some practical advice to solve them (in sha ALLAH). Continue reading