Buttons Joy.

Tiny colorful things are joy! so are buttons. Today we gathered our buttons and tried making two crafts. A bracelet & Clothespins cars.


For the Bracelets we needed

  • Some assorted buttons
  • Some pipe cleaners. Abi wanted purple and Ib wanted yellow, so we chose these colors.
  • A pair of scissors
  • something to secure the edge, paper tape etc


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The dialemmas of SHM 

Originally published at   http://www.muslimahbloggers.com/the-dilemmas-of-a-stay-at-home-mum

One particular afternoon, I broke down.
Undone laundry, piles of unfolded clothes, a dirty kitchen, loaded sink, messy home and on top of everything, cranky screaming toddlers. I had been through an emotional upheaval and I would like to have a break from this insanity. But I was definitely not having my day.
Earlier that morning somewhere else, a working-mom in her impeccable attire, stepped out of the messy unorganized home, Continue reading

Pakistan Day crafts

By the time we were growing up, patriotism was a norm. We sang national songs, waved the Flag, loved our country and felt so proud being a Pakistani. A lot of that feeling deteriorated over time though.

23 March

Nonetheless one of the first lullabies i sang to my eldest was “ye watan tumhara hay”, mainly because I want my children to associate themselves with Pakistan and somewhat feel the same bond with the land that we felt as kids. Continue reading