I am better at expressing my feelings as typed words as compared to having to speak them all out loud. And I have loved comics more than half of my life. Agnus. Archie. Marvin. Peanuts. And later in life I read XKCD (using the XKCD Explained) and felt awesome.

I had thought about drawing comics strips myself, at one point in time (specially after I read the story of Grove who wrote Love is.. comics, read it here)  just to see if i can do it, but then my drawing is pretty awful, I prefer painting any day. And i cant paint or draw with two toddlers. Then I found out couple of online comic strips creators and I got hooked.

I am brainstorming for the name, but what ever it be – I hope to illustrate the daily cute and messy mayhem of muslim toddlers.

My first and second strip:


Toddlers imitate, how often we try to teach them things that they dont seem to learn and then they pick up random habits from us. This incident made me mindful of my random utterings as well, because my kids are watching.

Pixton_Comic_Mini_Prayer_Mat_by_Asbah_Alaena_amusli (1).png

A toddler’s imagination! hehe.


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