Chicken Pattie (Using Pastry Sheet)

There are moments of revelations, the moments of truths and the moments of discoveries in one’s life. And in one of those moments I found Puff-Pastry sheets.

what can be better than a steaming chicken Pattie to couple with your cup of tea- (1)

I definitely call “Felt” as my major discovery in crafting and “PPSheets” are their  counterparts in my culinary adventures. Just like Pizza and Pasta they give you a open end to work with and this means a lot of awesome options (and some fails too phew!). 

real estates

I embarked upon this journey of PP following one of Faiza’s recipe that can be found here

the Ingredients were:


  • 1 sheet                  Puff Pastry
  • 1 cup                     boiled and shredded chicken
  • 1/2                         small chopped onion
  • 1-2 cloves            garlic chopped
  • 2 Tb spoon          Butter
  • to taste                Salt & Pepper
  • to taste                Chaat Masala
  • to taste                All-spice (one can alternate with chinese salt or chicken stock cube)
  • 1/2 cup                 Milk
  • 2 Tb spoon          Flour
  • 1/4 cup                 chedder cheese

I started with sautéing onion and garlic in butter. Once the onions were transparent I added flour and spices in it and fried them a bit. then gradually added milk and stirred till it was thickened, put it off flame and mixed in chicken and cheese.

While the batter was being cooled down a bit, I opened the Pastry sheet which I had thawed overnight in the fridge, rolled it a bit and cut it in strips.

Me and 3yo enjoyed wrapping the batter into the strips and placing it on a lined cookie sheet. We baked it at 350 degree for 25-30 minutes. And then devoured it with Tea!


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