Pakistan Day crafts

By the time we were growing up, patriotism was a norm. We sang national songs, waved the Flag, loved our country and felt so proud being a Pakistani. A lot of that feeling deteriorated over time though.

23 March

Nonetheless one of the first lullabies i sang to my eldest was “ye watan tumhara hay”, mainly because I want my children to associate themselves with Pakistan and somewhat feel the same bond with the land that we felt as kids. Being a parent, it would mean I have to foster that love and connection in them. And celebrating March the 23rd could just help the cause.

So this Pakistan day we wore green, cooked spinach and broccoli and did some green crafts to feel festive. And to my joy even my 2yo Ib got to say it out load – ‘Pakistan day’! I am so proud! Alhamdolilah.

I wanted to blow up some balloons but I do not have enough stamina and I didn’t have a balloon pump so I googled for a DIY and ended up making a pretty neat Bottle pump. It was not very effective because it kind of passed out after blowing 5 balloons – but it did what I had wanted it to do.

here’s a video:

and It really blew up balloons !


First we made balloon flags:

Then we made Pakistani flags.

and last we printed green hands.

Happy Pakistan Day – and may Pakistan survive and thrive! amen.


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