Buttons Joy.

Tiny colorful things are joy! so are buttons. Today we gathered our buttons and tried making two crafts. A bracelet & Clothespins cars.


For the Bracelets we needed

  • Some assorted buttons
  • Some pipe cleaners. Abi wanted purple and Ib wanted yellow, so we chose these colors.
  • A pair of scissors
  • something to secure the edge, paper tape etc


Choose your layout. start with the first button by inserting the pipecleaner in the holes, mak a loop and insert in another hole back. Pull it down till you have around 2 inches of pipe cleaner remaining (which will be twisted around your wrist). Repeat.


Secure with paper tape. Wear and enjoy. Abi had so much fun that she wanted to do another one.


For the race cars – we needed

  • buttons
  • clothes pins
  • a straw
  • a skewers stick
  • colors
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • brushes


We started by coloring our clothespins, Abi chose purple and Ib chose Blue. Then we put them aside to let it dry.

Next we cut our skewer stick around 1.5 inch and straw slightly smaller than that. Then we selected 4 similar size buttons and glued two on each skewers stick, like this:

Then we put straw on and glued the other button, something like this. IMG_3044

Next we just glued them to our Clothes pins. and Ta-Da. It was ready.

This toy might be suitable with a slightly older kid because Ib broke it too fast. I still think the bottle caps used instead of buttons make perfect Long-lasting wheels. But thats for another day Insha Allah.



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