Toddler Flower Craft – 1


Although spring has giving in to the summers in most parts of the world we decided to do some flower crafts this week.

For the first craft we used a ready made pot and created another using a disposable glass. We used:

  • A disposable glassIMG_3121
  • Few Pebbles
  • Crafting ice cream stick
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Buttons
  • Paints & brush
  • Glue gun


I cut the glass to make a small pot and let kids color their ice cream sticks green, then Abi colored her pot and we put it aside to dry it.

For their flowers Ib chose orange and yellow while abi chose purple (she is a lot into purple recently, remember how she chose to make purple bracelets here).

I helped them mold them into flower petals, we found out that 2 pipe cleaners make denser flowers. we folded each in three equal parts and then shaped each part as a flower petal. Glued the button, glued the flower onto the stick and added leaves. Ta-Da.



For the second Craft, we neededIMG_3144

  • Crafting icecream sticks
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Glue
  • Card board
  • Paints & brush
  • Glue gun


We colored the stick green and then I cut the cardboard in shape of tulips, kids applied some glue and wrapped the flower with their floss, I got them some finishing touches and we pasted it on the stick.

It finally looked like:


We are hoping to do more toddler Flower crafts, its addictive. happy crafting!

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