Chocolate strawberries.

Coating food with chocolate thrills me. And it surely thrills my toddlers. So we embarked on the journey of making these delicies.


It was after we saw this video: that we took off the strawberry dipped in the chocolate challenge last February but I never got to post it earlier.GHFM7267


  • some marshmallows
  • chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate)
  • strawberries
  • coconut oil.

we cut the leaves off our strawberries and pat dried them with the tissue, and inserted ice cream sticks in the strawberries, to aid us in the wrapping of chocolate.

Instead of using aBGML8064 double boiler we melted our chocolate in the microwave. in three 30 seconds intervals, and mixing the chocolate with a spatula in between. when it was fully molten, it was too viscous and I wanted it a bit runny so we mixed in a dash of coconut oil. We heated the marshmallows for 20 secs in the microwave and found out they were hardening so fast and therefore could only coat one strawberry with it.

We just got carried away and even cut a banana and chocolate coated it too, the kids then got to sprinkle them and saved them for sharing it with friends who were coming over that evening.

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