RCC 15 – Cold porcelain Crescent and start

Ramadan (1).jpg

This is the first craft I did for Ramadan – and actually, this gave me the idea of undertaking the challenge of a 15 day Ramadan crafts.IMG_3886

The cold porcelain ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup Glue
  • 1/2 cup Corn starch
  • 1 teaspoon Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon juice

In a microwave safe bowl, I mixed the glue & cornstarch thoroughly and then added lemon and oil to it and mixed again, till it was well combined. Then I put the Bowl in a microwave for 30 sec. Once it was out it was pretty much liquid is, I mixed it again and popped it back in the Microwave for another 30 sec. This time it was a semi-solid mass which started to come together. (see no. 5). At this point, I put it aside to let it cool a bit and transferred it to a wax paper with some cornstarch sprinkled on it.

I kneaded it a bit to the point a tear drop forms when you pull the dough apart. Then just store it in a ziplock.

BeFunky Collage

Once you have the porcelain dough ready, you can make million of things with it. I chose to do the easiest. I rolled a bit of dough and hand-drew small crescent onto it and cut it using a blade.

Then I cut a star and colored both yellow. I also painted glitter on it too.

Normally, cold porcelain is air dry porcelain and it is left for 24-48 hours to completely dry. But well, it was a long wait. So I just put it in a microwave for 1 minute. It came out awesome so I put it back to the microwave for another minute. This time it was slightly blackened, but was so hard already! Brilliant I thought! 😉

Then I just used a floss to attach the star with the crescent and glued a loop on the top.

It was awesome, we loved it 🙂


This marked the end of my 15-day Challenge. I decided to do interesting, different but easy crafts and I hope I served the purpose. Happy Ramadhan everyone 🙂

All Crafts in this challenge can be found here also read Why I undertook a Ramadan crafting challenge

18 thoughts on “RCC 15 – Cold porcelain Crescent and start

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  2. We never had decorations for Ramadan at home….looking out these crafts and arts…InshaAllah I am planning to do some this Ramadan….the crescent and star are looking beautiful….thank you for sharing the pictorial….

    • My pleasure, i never had it before kids – but living in west and seeing how kids get fascinated by these decorations for Christmas etc i thought i should this time

  3. Thank you so much for this series, it was so inspirational. I pray Allah will reward you for it.

  4. Awesome! I love it. It’s a very creative and inspirational Ramadan craft. I’m a very hands-on person and encourage hands on activities for kids too. That’s an easy way to engage them.

    • Thankyou for liking it please have a look at other crafts i did fot the challenge and many are very easy for kids to try with our little assistance

  5. Asalamu alaikum dear sister Asbah,

    I’m not sure if I can reach you in this manner but I’ll try anyway.

    Eid mubarak! I pray Allah will bless you and your loved ones, and pray Allah will help you to continue with your Ramadan accomplishments in the coming year.

    You’ve inspired me by your Ramadan Craft Challenge to do so many crafts this Ramadan with my children. Though ours were a bit more simple, we have made so many nice things and we all really enjoyed it. I pray Allah will reward you for your efforts.
    All the best, wa salaam, Maryam Umm-Abd-Arrahmen

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