Learning letters. Letter A.

This post officially marks the start of our journey of Homeschooling! Its been some time that Abi is showing interest in tracing and writing (I did download some tracing apps which she figured out herself and even started writing An independently without my intervention or teaching her so.) and then I thought its time we should properly start our letters journey.

She learned recognition of letters couple of months back because of some videos/apps and physical games which we played at home. We also played with our magnetic letters to learn our capitals and small letters. (she thinks all the small letters are babies of the capital letters and make both, the caps & small letters, stick together saying eg baby a is hugging mama A. this turned out our favorite game while we practiced smalls.

We still need a lot of practice for that though – so I decided we will, from now on, also do a letter each week with 5-6 crafts which we will keep doing throughout the week.

Week 1. Letter A.

Even Ib pitched in to help his Apo. He is already learning so much by looking at his elder sister and I am so delighted for this progress.Toddler Letter A Craft (2)

For the start I wrote down letter A and have her an ear-bud dipped in paint and taught her to trace A on the lines. She wasn’t perfect but I was super impressed with her composure because this was technically the first time we physically did any tracing.

Then we did some crafting relating to animals/things starting from A.

Like A for Arrow

Toddler Letter A Craft (3)

A for Airplane

Toddler Letter A Craft (6)

A for Alligator

Toddler Letter A Craft (5)

A for Apple

We did two craft for Apple, one for small a and one for a capital one.

A for ant

Toddler Letter A Craft (7)

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