Learning Letters. B

Since this week was letter B, we did some awesome letter B crafts here. And we did crafts for learning the capital and small letter B.


It was easy I just cut all shapes and showed abi how to assemble, we didnt have a beige color construction paper so we substituted it with the tissue-paper we had.

Preschool Letter B Craft (4)

B for Buttons

I traced the letter B and allowed the kids to assemble assorted buttons on the glued B, Ib had more fun doing this than abi. But they both loved the outcome. I then traced it with a Sharpie.

Preschool Letter B Craft (6)

B for Bunny

This one was abi’s favorite. Next day when she saw bunny’s tail squished because our notebook had been closed she was a bit upset but then she understood that it is supposed to be like that.

I showed her the picture and allowed her to assemble the bunny with a little help 😉 of course.

Preschool Letter B Craft (1)

B for bear

This was a bit tough because we had to glue our tissue paper together to make it a bit sturdy and our sharpie is almost drying out as well. But it turned out well.

Preschool Letter B Craft (2)

b for butterfly

Abi colored a paper black because we ran out of black construction paper as well, then i cut the shapes and did most of the wings part myself and let her assemble. This one’s my favorite 😉 We used black water color on orange construction paper for wings. and silver glitter glue for the dots.

Preschool Letter B Craft (3)

b for bird

Abi wanted the bird pink, so its pink.

Preschool Letter B Craft (7)

b for blue

This one was the easiest, Abi hand painted a paper blue and when it was dry I cut it out and let her assemble.

Preschool Letter B Craft (5)


You can also check our Learning letter A crafts.


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