Crafting for letter B

This week had been a letter B week and we did some crafts related to letter B.


  • some yellow, red and black paper.
  • a vinyl sheet,
  • hot glue gun,
  • a magazine cut out,
  • glue,
  • cereal box or any thick cardstock,
  • scissors.
  • White paper or sheet for base.

We choose a magazine picture and pasted it onto cereal box and then cut it and let it dry. Meanwhile, I cut the vinyl sheet and pasted behind the half-circles of B and pasted B together.


Then, I cut the wheels and light and helped the kids paste it as well. We glued the lower half of B and pasted it onto the paper so that it can make two small pockets.

when everything was dry, I let the kids make the cartoon characters sit in the bus and take them to school.



Bracelet. IMG_3367

Second, we made straw bracelets. I let Abi cut straws since she is getting a very good hold on cutting paper, that was her favorite part. I glued the yarn to a toothpick and it resembled a needle and thread. Abi used straws as bead and made a bracelet and a necklace for herself using the pretend-play needle thread I made for her.

(I secured the pointed end by applying hot-glue on top of it.)



We used some paper, glue, an empty water bottle, and yarn or any thick strand.


We chose pink & blue because Ib wanted the balloon to be blue while abi wanted it pink. I cut it in a balloon like shape and folded in half and the let abi glue and paste all the pieces together.

I then cut the bottle’s lower end and glued it to the balloon using yarn. we tied it to the fan and the kids had so much fun making their tiny toy sit in it and make it swing & sway.img_3795.jpg




5 thoughts on “Crafting for letter B

  1. Masha Allah, what beautiful crafts! Your children are very fortunate to have such a creative mother who makes learning this much fun.

    • Jazakillah for saying that I really hope they end up being lucky for having me as their mother in their dunya and akhirah!

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