Mistress of Spice (i) culinary adventure

I am a lover of spice; I grew up drinking directly from lemon, enjoying hot sauces and munching chilies.

Mom still thinks that I have not properly developed taste buds and hence I’m abnormal in one way, One way because my father is almost an equal freak of spice. I call it heredity.

My adoration for smells and spices grew with me, and I ended up becoming persistently intense about food, someone who’d overeat when she’s angry, overeat even in sadness/happiness and overeat in celebration. I over eat in every occasion of my life and i called it sheer greed.

I am a type of a person you might even hear die of over eating. Food to me is, always, intriguing and delicious-looking, tantalizing my taste buds! Hence I eat like crazy. And later on discovered that my taste buds are a bit more developed than the rest, I am a super-Taster.

About the picture, actually this is how I celebrate food, because i really do celebrate it. These are my accessories with it. Colorful isnt it? The good with spice is that it comes in very appealing color and with enriched smells.

On a second note i have also decided to add the recopies of them and hoping that this might make one’s day.

the red chutni, or the Chilli chutni as we prefer to call it is the most yummiest thing.

I grind red chilies, few cloves of garlic and lemon juice with a pinch of salt, and water. And here it is.

The green chutni.

I’ve blended coriander leaves, garlic cloves, green chillies, cumin seeds, salt, anardana, (pomegranate seeds powdered) and lemon/unripe mangoes in it.

Spiced Chillis, or Bhari huwi mirchain

dry-grind coriander seeds with salt and fennel (sounf), and fill it in chillies, (you can tie it with thread as well) fry with loads of lemon/viniger.

Lemon pickle.

cut the lemons in four, and mix it well with turmeric and salt and put them in the sun for two days, (they’ll leave water) put them in oil in an air tight jar in the sun for another 10-12 days, enjoy!

vinegar-with-onion is the simplest, cut onion, dip them in vinegar and enjoy [:P]

now, everyone know how to make simple salad? and well, the other pickle is not home made, i cant make everything myself after all.

enjoy the spice 🙂


Ps. This was to be eaten with Khatti Biryani (Spiced/sour rice) Maybe I’ll tell its recipe later :p

10 thoughts on “Mistress of Spice (i) culinary adventure

  1. Tell me about it. I’m a spice addict too and since so is my family, its a way of life around here..

    And ya, my sin is gluttony too..Just today,Chris was telling me bout how he write poems when he is depressed and I was like, ‘Dude, your is a much healthier alternative. I binge on food when I am sad’.

    I relate!! I relate..Infact I relate to most of your posts..**Gasps** We could have been separated at birth..I’m sure If i dig deep enough, I can unearth a forefather in Pakistan!! 😀

  2. Like the recipes described & they really add spice to any other dish they marry with!
    All the chutneys are my fav too but I despise vinegar! [:(]

    Any way my mouth is watering with saliva & I am going to have a helping of garlic & red chilly chutney,which is made today only! Yummmy,yummy…! Aahaa aahaa…
    Thanks for the verbal & visual treat …now let my tongue have the luxury treat!
    Very well written !

  3. Well I am too a foodie to Some Extent!!..:-P

    Heading was Perfect

    But this time I missed your Mystically Styled Encrypted sentences!! …..I am Sure you can write better than this!! ….Did you wrote this in Haste??

  4. No, Thankyou Amir for noticing though, I intentially kept it simple :)although haste element was somewhat there, but the post kept on my desktop, opened for three days begging me to finish it. and i did in the end. i had to.

    Nin, I told you we’re alike, you know i had been wondering what was the “G” word i once loved for food, gluttonous! I couldnt think beyond Garrulous.
    Two G’s are my Guilt, anyway we’ll search our out family trees, what say?

    sud, yours are worthy, thankyou 🙂

  5. “I grew up drinking directly from lemon, enjoying hot sauces and munching chilies.”

    You are sure, your taste buds are still working?? 😛

  6. I really can relate to what you say. I have started to learn to cook. It will help me save some money while I am studying abroad.
    By the way I never used anar dana powder while making green chatni …

    Mabbe I will get a print out of ur recipies and try them out in front of my mom … she will be damn impressed. 😛

    Ur blog is a revelation … I learnt new things today … thanks for the insight on spices 🙂

  7. even me a foodie yaar

    and u say u overeat in all occasion and even if ur sad or happy

    hehehe that sounds funny

    btwgo and consult a doctor:p

    btw even am like yaa

    dont worry even i overeat but therez a limit for mee and

    yesh the things u explained laterz were really good

    chutni n all

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