the girlish day and summer curse!!

I had a perfect girl day today,cooking, baking, cleaning mopping, dishing, even painting and embroidery. my summer treat.
when i last painted something? around an year ago. i wonder how could i remain so intact and inactive in all these months, may be because i painted less and learnt other art stuff? may be because my focus was on varied things and may be because of the morbidity i awfully went through. what ever was that, i am glad i am over it now! i thought making rotis would be a monotonous job, but found it incredible, guess i am really on learning and improving terms these days. may be because i am off net! when was i last blogged? when was i last opened notepad and wrote something? when was i last emailed and send the pictures accrued? what is the growing current size of my inbox? am i interested in such stuff anymore? – may be not! (i miss my lonliness!)

but i painted through out the night…all mediums. water, oil, glass, fabric… loved it. The energy is really bubbling up in me, the creative muse poking deep inside, couldnt sleep at all.. so woke up and painted. helped soothing the aesthetic monster inside of me. felt a lot relived! i’m finally ending projects i started eons ago.. mama’s all happy, i hope she remains this way. today was hence a perfect sunday! i have a law test tomorrow, company is tougher and trickier than business law and tax! may be i want to cook and clean, may be i want to keep painting and stiching, than drooping the head down in the lifeless pages of CL book! may be. but the more career oriented me took over, and i hate the transformation.
i love doing the house chores, may be accounts not really what i want to do! may be i do..

the piece turned out to be too good MashAllah, called it “verdent bliss” providing me with another maxim: “growing up means improving, even when you dont practice”.

traditions, cultures, norms!! sometimes i desperately want to escape. *sigh* Only if I were allowed to live life my way, i would have grabbed my paints and run away, i would have painted life and decor it with food and threads and sounds of innocent laughters… i would have added turquoise and violet tinges to my painting.. the cools in summers!! and i would have painted you red!

(when was the last time i said three consecutive lines without a may-be in it? !! last week on monday, at 5 pm? may be!!)

June 03, 2007

ps. right after one year, on yet another sunday June 07, 08. i also had a similar day, i was digging up my pile and wondered how interesting, hence posting it here with the painting i painted that day. will write about the later day some other time maybe πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “the girlish day and summer curse!!

  1. coincidence…eh?
    YOu really can paint…WHOA!
    Maybe you can! πŸ˜›
    Or maybe you cannot!
    Painitng life…cool..Try it and if you succeed..paint my life too..but yea I get to choose all the gay colors!


  2. hey knowing that u r a painter came as a great surprise…i can relate to the anxiety when u get stuck with the idea that u need 2 put on paper or canvas..a refreshing post..
    happy writing πŸ™‚

  3. yea…u paint very well actually.
    Well growing up means improving even if we don;t practice coz we learn to defend and justify ourselves nomatter in what context we are. so it seems that we are always improving. lols πŸ˜›
    Nice read!

  4. Prose yet lyrical ……..Music to Eyes!! ….How can somebody Paint with words as beautiful as with Brush!! ….two equally opposite words side by side yet very beautiful to read!!

  5. OMG..This is getting a lil too freaky. Guess what? I have days of domesticity too..When I surrender to it completely. I cook, I bake but I cant paint so I snuggle up with a book throughout the day.

    Wow!! Looks like we have more in common than the obvious!! πŸ˜€

  6. innocent.true.straight from the heart.You are already free.Your writing,your paintings make you free.The moving world is not free.It just move in circles…
    keep on writing.
    paint this whole world.
    me too blog
    do visit.

  7. You paint well. You do. πŸ™‚

    And it’s nice to see someone with passion for creativity and expression.

    And I like you’re blog – it’s deep. Hence, I’ll keep track from now on. πŸ™‚

  8. woww!!! that painting is soo gud! gr88 yaar..
    and by the looks of it, you are the perfect wife material! You ENJOY cooking(few do!)! And u r oh-so creative.. and you have dreams and aspirations like everyone..
    you probably sprayed in your whole personality into this one post!

  9. “Only if I were allowed to live life my way, i would have grabbed my paints and run away, i would have painted life…”

    Beautiful line. Beautiful post.

    The best part of this post was the PS. You indeed are quite creative, not just with the colors but with words too.

  10. oh, How did i miss replying to this blog *gasps*

    shruti, i am sure you can understand πŸ™‚
    Mishtizaa, thankyou.
    letters are colors are very coherent to me Aamir, thankyou for posting πŸ™‚

    nin, hehe. i think we’re twins.
    maninpainting, i’m honored.

    parany, lol, thankyou for the compliment.
    abhi, sameera, thanks guys πŸ™‚

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