DTD – a perpetual Curse.

Chronicles of DTD! – The perpetual curse.

I’m telling a story to my little ones about a cherubic fairy who was entangled and cursed by two demons. Unfortunately there was no way of unjinxing herself so she had to leave fairyland, and that was once upon a time.

Once upon a time, she had a senior who would tell her about her predictable tedious fate and she, not being old enough to probe the depths of his words and wisdom, would laugh heartily in her silliness…
And once upon a time, when the curse be-fallen onto her; she would wish to cry, to sleep and to dream.

But the inevitable fate would enmesh her into a dreamless gloomy land, with numbers scattered on the shore that could bleed her feet. Where the sleep deprived body would beg and ache for sleep, but being a DTD, consequentially its about being Insomniac.

She would want with all her heart to find one escape, this time and for ever.

The first after aphorism: There is no sweet smelling flowers, there is no confetti to fall… there is no Darling Tough dude.. The DTD begins.

With less than 250 students in the college, seniors consider it their implied duty to guide the new lot that arrives. And I remember my first week in college and that senior who was briefing us.

There he was, standing at the podium, and there were us, the fresh high school students with apparent apprehension painted on their faces, with a twitch in their gut and loads of fears. They were listening to their inevitable fate.

Now I think of it and laugh, and every time “I” have to stand in front of the first modulars, I try to make them calm instead, with a “hey its easy” – one of the obvious times I lie.

So, he was categorizing the students, I heard him saying “there are only three type of students that come here, one definitely tea drinkers, (coffee included) others who are chain smokers; and the last ones, who will ultimately leave the field. you need caffeine, be it from any where…”, “anywhere” he accentuated.

The three of us would never touch tea; after all we loathed it – and ended up winning a scholarship.
aha! I claimed, that prat missed one category, Us – the pure geniuses!
alack, i didn’t realize the Pyrrhic victory and continued my loathe with tea, i ended up failing in B. now that is another story. But tea-cups helped me passing B in the next attempt. And now I’m more on it… nut-tea, coffee! Of course no superstitions, it’s a requisite!! Simple and plain. I gotta clear C this time!

Second-after aphorism: So, Was I lamenting about my insomnia and sleep deprivation?

I the drag queen of the quixotic land of pixies! “I”, the silence that echoes in the voices, “i”, the ruler of facile realm! “I”, the tinges that fills the horizon. And “I”, their self-employed exotic nick-chooser.

i remember this DTD, the dawn to dusk thingy, that adi would put as his nick, it was before i was cursed into accounts by them… science? wo tu bachay perhtay hain, commerce perh ke dekhao tu manain.
i guess, my silence was treated as an oblique acceptance to the challenge!
how? when? where? i dont know.

sigh! it was an eons ago story.
but this DTD is paradoxical dual meaning acronym, this DTD is not the notion of meet-da-devil, which sounded more like meet-dad-evil, this DTD is not even that DexTerDeedee plug! that brilliant whiz kid just cant come into it.

The Dare to Dream/Desire is out of question, This is, ‘course not allowed to enter the peripheries.

the third-after aphorism: this DTD, despite my reluctance, is a simple *Definitely a Tea Drinker!*

18 thoughts on “DTD – a perpetual Curse.

  1. phew!!! i kept wondering from start to finish what DTD meant…lovely post

    i think both tea and coffee do for me

  2. For me DTD is Document Type Definition in XML 😛

    No tea No smoke No nothing
    Only coffee!
    But yea I liked your other posts more than this one. Nice attempt 🙂


    PS: Please get rid of the word verification. It is irritating 😦

  3. @comfortably numb

    Aaaarrggggh…the first thing that struck me after reading her post was, the DTD in XML…had thought of putting it here…lekin, you spoiled it…Grrr… ;( 😛


    This the first post of yours that I read. ‘Perfect’, would be the word that I would use for it. What amazed me was the way you have used words to ‘craft’ beautiful sentences. Probably there is a lot for a blogger like me, who just writes in simple plain English, to learn from your posts.

    Keep them coming.

    Take care. Khuda Hafiz.

  4. oh thankyou, i think this is one of my best posts.. but anyway!

    hehe, for different people dtd means differently..
    i sure will Abhinav, thankyou!

  5. You know, the first thing which came to my mind was (ya, i know it’s silly)DDT. I thought it is a typo.

    After that I thought maybe it is some sort of a cool lingo stuff, you know the ASAP, BTW…

    But,*Definitely a Tea Drinker!*. That’s way crazy, girl. Being a tea addict myself, How could I miss that? 🙂

    Awesome stuff, nicely written. BTW, How do write like that? I mean, that’s was beyond my range at least. Consider writing professionally, You will do good.

    Keep it up


  6. hehe, what you write is way beyond my reach too, i’d been trying to get how can one become a good engineer. i will sure fwd your post to my brothers though [:p]

    thankyou 🙂

  7. wow..!! I was wondering wat this DTD meant through my reading…. But yeah got it…
    For me ,tea does the magic…


  8. creative!

    and I know that single word is a big appraisal!

    congrats! but I am no DTD. and I topped my all levels, except the final year of my B.Arch and my 9th and 12th standard!

  9. DTD a Suspense Thriller ……:)

    But it Goes Over my Head like a Supersonic Jet ……phew ……I can’t help my self putting my Dictionary aside ..

  10. Hey Ash.

    It’s for sure one of the best posts I ever read. Am not a blogger or anything but can see you’re simply pushing it to limits. Like everybody I kept wondering from start, if it’s not “dusk till dawn” what exactly is it?
    and in the end… of course it was meant to be this, extraordinarily good hehe 😀

    PS: sometime even on irc, people think it’s ddt and not dtd haha :p

  11. lolz @ seniors

    and dtd … I heard the legend from the famous mistress of vocab … !!!

    for me its, DTD – Done Twice Daily.

    Break the code … Use ur imagination !

  12. unconventional…….but good..I didnt like it much though…compared to ur other posts this is a weakling..but then this one is straight from the heart…and i can see tht its very dear to u…..its pretty good stuff..unconventional..and thats what i like about it..treated well…cheers…maybe i have seen the transformed islex now who is more mature in her writings…

  13. A very old chunk. I rem reading it back then too somewhere in your home or may be in the class. Good memory is an old story now:/

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