I grew up in a home where we had a dedicated tea time every evening and there would be snacks.

It would be that time of the day I would wait for. Although dinners were a family affair too but the joy of discussing politics in your pseudo-intellect with your dad over a cup of chai while stuffing samosas is incomparable. Of all the things, I dearly miss it.

When I got married, I bought that love with me in my heart to the new home, but husband is not really a tea-drinker and we eat dinner after Maghrib most of the times – which mostly leaves no room for chai or snacks.  Hence I am mostly on the lookout for anyone with whom I can share my Cuppa tea and savour snacks.

IMG_3084Those who have been a part of our occasional tea-gathering, can attest to my love of tea & snacks. My favorite tea-time snacks have been cakes, chocolate chip cookies and the darling samoosas. While they used to be store-bought back home, I cherish cooking and frying them myself here because the ready-made ones are pretty gross most of the times.

Two of my easiest and yummiest samoosa fillings I make are:

The potato one.


  • mashed potatoes
  • crushed chilli flakes
  • salt
  • crushed coriander seeds

Just mix and incorporate well and fill in the spring roll sheets. fry and srpinkle with generous amount of chaat masala. Goes awesome with a green-chilli chutney!


Chicken-cheese onesIMG_3064

  • 1 cup boiled and shreded chicken
  • 3 table spoon of cream cheese
  • pinch of salt
  • Pepper
  • 1/4 cup chedder cheese

Mix cream cheese with chicken and add pepper and cheddar cheese, taste before adding salt in it. Since the cheeses have salt in them you don’t want it too salty.

Fold it in samosa/spring roll sheets.

I got square spring-roll sheets and I found out that cutting each sheet in three equal strips makes perfect size samoosas.

happy frying & eating.


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