How Fasting helps in attaining of Taquwah

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Stages of Human Phyche:

Sigmund Freud, very famous neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, divides Humanpsyche into three parts:

  • Id
  • Ego
  • Super ego

This correlates to what Quran teaches us about ourselves, Quran defined these stages as –

  • our Nafs,
  • our Qalb
  • our Ruh.

Id or Nafs & how it commands to so Sin:

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Kindness to Animals.

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Islam encourages kindness to not only fellow human beings but also other living creatures. We are told:

“Verily, Allah is Kind and He loves kindness” (Muslim)

Kindness should be shown to all of Allah’s creatures specially animals because they can not complain back to you about their problems, they are powerless in many ways.

We encounter animals in our daily lives, sometimes we have pets, oftentimes we deal with astray or wild animals and then we have animals for Baqra Eid.

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