RCC 10 – Foil Art wall decor for Ramadan

Sunset chaser.jpg

Today’s craft was not only easy but it turned out very bright and cheerful as well. I had tried a couple of things in the past to engrave foil but none really worked before, Then I realized that I could use a glue gun or use anything that has depth like yarn and make a design and then lay foil on top of it.Foil art using Glu-gun as Ramadan Craft (3)

The things I used:

  • cardboard squares
  • Glue gun
  • pen to trace a design
  • sharpies to color
  • foil paper
  • cotton swab
  • tape

I just did a freehand drawing on all 4 cardboard pieces and traced the pattern with the hot glue. Continue reading

RCC 9 – Rock painting with Crayons

15 day Ramadan crafting challenge

This was an awesome craft as well, we couldn’t find the perfect smooth rocks here, the ones we found at the beach had really interesting patterns and I thought of giving it a try anyway.

We used: Rock crayon painting for Ramadan craft (1)

  • Different rocks
  • Assorted crayons
  • paints
  • liquid eyeliner

I though sharpies would work but they didn’t, so I used acrylic paints without diluting it water and outlined it with my liquid eyeliner 😉

Just put the rocks in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes and take them out. Put it on a thick cloth or heating-pad. and then just draw away. Continue reading

RCC 8 – Rope basket diy

Rope basket diy for Ramadan craft (3)

This craft is easy and difficult at the same time, The glue-gun bit is difficult and dangerous, even I got myself burnt. Next time if i attempted this try I will use a different glue. Rope basket diy for Ramadan craft (5).JPG

Anyway, the things needed:

  • rope
  • glue gun
  • colors
  • brush


Start by gluing the tip of the rope and twist to make a circle, I only had 8 yards of rope, so the circle I made was around 6-7 inches in diameter. Continue reading

RCC 7 – Lantern Shrinky Dink

Phew, I survived one week of crafting. Loved it. Wished if i had more time & energy to craft more.

Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (17)


Today’s craft is Shrinky dink, and it is amazingly simple 2 ingredient craft. All you need is:Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (1)

  • No. 6 plastic
  • sharpie or permanent marker
  • tracing paper, If you are tracing it from somewhere
  • and scissors
  • I also used foil paper to make small tray

Continue reading

Rain Rain please stay!

Originally posted at Muslimah Bloggers.

After a long spell of drought, last week clouds finally gathered and the rain washed up the Cayman Islands. The sight of gray clouds was sheer joy and clanks of pitter-patter were like music to the ears.

The whole ambiance was purified and rejuvenated by the water. The dirt vanished from the air, small puddles appeared, the grass lit up to the brightest hue of green, the breeze became fresh and fragrant, the water from the nearby pool over-flew, the chicken sought refuge beneath the palm trees which were swaying in delight and the lake – in front of our apartment- turned milky-white because of the rain.


Last year the island received its record lowest rainfall in 60 years times, so this change in climate was happily welcomed by most of the people. Like Quran rightly says:

And it is He who sends down rain after [men] have lost all hope, and unfolds His grace [thereby] for He alone is [their] protector, the One to whom all praise is due. (42:28) Continue reading