Our Letter crafting Journey of 2017

Its been one year since I started the weekly letter crafting activity (we took many breaks in between though) with my two toddlers. In the beginning it was more of an hassle and since I was doing most of the work (cutting and arranging for my kids to glue the stuff together) I wondered if it is ever going to benefit us in anyway?Kept the kids involved

Our letter crafts and how it helped us..png

But my kids were interested in crafting so we pushed and kept moving forward.

By the end of the year we had this hefty messy notebook filled with letter crafts oozing out of it. Also, when my kids would sit down to read it all the way till end, I found myself constantly worrying of it being torn. Because it was paper. and we had put so much effort to gather it. (since I hope we can benefit from it in a long run too). I wanted something sturdier and found a binder in Pakistan. So i Just shifted all the crafts to that binder, its so much more safe and organize now. I love it and so does my kids. Continue reading

ALIF Arabic letter crafts for Pre-schoolers

We are close to ending our journey of English letter crafts. During the process, I found crafting has helped my kids learn their letters and phonics so much faster. It turned out that my kids are so engrossed and engaged in crafting the letters that they are automatically learning them.

This discovery has made me wondered if I could do the same with Arabic letters too? and then maybe with Urdu letters – since I want to raise bilingual or maybe trilingual kids insha Allah – teaching them multiple languages would be much easier once they have a good grasp of their letters.

Toddler & Preschooler (1).jpg

Letters Crafting has also helped them gain their vocabulary. My kids are always asking for the urdu/arabic/english alternative word of things, and they are learning them very quickly too. Continue reading