4 Thrifty Organization for kids room

Guest post by Nicole Gardiner

When it comes to cleaning the kids room, we always have a little voice in our head that says: “Why should I clean that, it will look exactly the same way right after I am done.”

But, having a clean kids room is possible, you just need the right system and tricks for your stuff to remain organized, below are 4 ways to do it:

Designated places

It is easier to organize a kids room by category. Put similar type of stuff at the one place. Like books at one corner, stuffed toys on the shelf, kitchen toys in a bucket near a play kitchen, cars in the drawers etc.

Once you have the designated place for different type or every category of toys; you can move on to the next step.


Separate containers

Are you familiar with stuffed animals and LEGO all around the floor of a kids room and the kids are not even bothered by them let alone putting them where they belong.

Sometimes the problem is they just don’t know where to put it. The trick is that there has to be an exact place for every toy in the kids room.

Once you have a designated place, Put separate colorful containers for every different type of toys and LABEL them. As I mentioned before – LEGO, stuffed animals, dolls, cars. Each box or container with a label on it.

Boxes do not have to be very big or expensive, upscaling diaper boxes, grocery boxes or grocery plastic containers can help, it depends on how many toys the kid has. You can put them in a row next to the wall or you can put them all in a corner – drawers-like (one over another). It depends on how the furniture in the room is arranged.

The most important rule to follow is to use all the space possible. This is a very cheap way to avoid having toys on floor. Children can put them in the containers by themselves. You can encourage or sometimes even entice the kids to put the toys back in the beginning and soon they will learn to do it themselves and most of the cleaning with happen out of habit.

This simple trick will increase the chances of the toy being put back manifolds. And now, when you need to clean and the floor needs to be vacuumed or mopped, you can do it without spending ten minutes on picking up toys.

Utilize all space available (eg space under bed)

Usually, the space under the bed is neglected as a storage unit – it can be of great use. If you don’t want to put the toys beneath the bed, you can keep sheets and blankets and they will no longer fill up the wardrobes.

Put them in plastic containers and just leave them there until you need some of them. If you are afraid that they are not protected enough just in a box, put them in vacuum bags first for maximum dust protection.

Label them in order to find what you need more quickly. This way you will avoid all the wardrobe clutter and it will be easer for you or the children, whoever is in charge, to organize their clothes and shoes now that there is more space.

Utilize the walls

One brilliant way to avoid stuff on the floor is to have mounted storage spaces on the wall. So if you ask me, What to do with books? Try to install as many shelves in the room as possible.

They are a thrifty solution to keep books and textbooks organized and not stacked on the desk. Do not put them up too high so that your child can take them and leave them whenever they want to without your help. Shelves are a good option and they can be moved at a higher level with time. An even better solution is a bookcase but that is not as cheap as we want it to be.

As you can see, walls are extremely useful, so why not take more advantage of them. You can hang various colorful bags to collect cubes, balls and small objects. If the bags are transparent it will be even better. A child will see what is inside and his toys will be easily recognized without making a mess. Cheap and efficient, what more do you need?


With these simple tricks the kids room will be organized well enough and cleaning it will be happening much faster. You will not be spending much time on preparing the room to be cleaned which is a very good thing. You will not spend a lot of money on boxes, shelves and bug but the results will be incredibly good. It is a win-win!

Nicole is a small girl full with desire to travel and explore the big world. She is a wife of incredibly supportive husband and a mother of three mischievous little boys.

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