RCC 8 – Rope basket diy

Rope basket diy for Ramadan craft (3)

This craft is easy and difficult at the same time, The glue-gun bit is difficult and dangerous, even I got myself burnt. Next time if i attempted this try I will use a different glue. Rope basket diy for Ramadan craft (5).JPG

Anyway, the things needed:

  • rope
  • glue gun
  • colors
  • brush


Start by gluing the tip of the rope and twist to make a circle, I only had 8 yards of rope, so the circle I made was around 6-7 inches in diameter. Continue reading

RCC 7 – Lantern Shrinky Dink

Phew, I survived one week of crafting. Loved it. Wished if i had more time & energy to craft more.

Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (17)


Today’s craft is Shrinky dink, and it is amazingly simple 2 ingredient craft. All you need is:Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (1)

  • No. 6 plastic
  • sharpie or permanent marker
  • tracing paper, If you are tracing it from somewhere
  • and scissors
  • I also used foil paper to make small tray

Continue reading

RCC 5 – Felt doll prayer mat

This is the easiest craft I did so far, Felt doll prayer mat.



The supplies I used:felt prayer mat for dolls DIY (3)

  • green felt sheet
  • Dotted green felt sheet
  • a white felt sheet
  • white thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pen & paper

I cut a rectangle from green felt and cut tiny strips from either side to resemble a prayer mat, then I cut a slightly smaller white rectangle and stitched it onto the green using a blanket stitch. Continue reading