RCC 5 – Felt doll prayer mat

This is the easiest craft I did so far, Felt doll prayer mat.



The supplies I used:felt prayer mat for dolls DIY (3)

  • green felt sheet
  • Dotted green felt sheet
  • a white felt sheet
  • white thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pen & paper

I cut a rectangle from green felt and cut tiny strips from either side to resemble a prayer mat, then I cut a slightly smaller white rectangle and stitched it onto the green using a blanket stitch. Continue reading

15 Days Ramadan Craft Challenge.

With less than three weeks in Ramadan, the fast approaching month is definitely the highlight of our thoughts these days. Some may be wrapping samosas and rolls while others may be working on their spiritual dimension to reap most benefits from this blessed month. I undertook a 15 day Ramadan Craft challenge.15 Days Continue reading