RCC Day 2 – Muslim doll finger puppet

Felt Muslim doll finger puppet DIY (28)

The size of the doll is slightly short of 4 inches.

I drew the pattern on paper and then traced it out on felt. I cut a 1 inch felt circle and mark places for eyes and mouth. I used small black beads for eyes (but one can do with googly eyes or just plain black thread) and red thread for mouth. 

I traced the face shape onto a slightly bigger red circle which I would use as a scarf, and I would cut a slightly smaller circle on the scarf and fit in on top of the face and glued both together.

Then I sewed together both red pieces of scarf using a blanket stitch, all the way through except the neck from where the stuffing will go in. I stuffed the face with stuffing and cut two felt shirts for body. I used two toothpicks and glued it inside the felt neck to keep it sturdy. The picture indicates where the toothpicks are glued INSIDE the shirt. and then i glued the hands on each sleeve.

I then inserted the neck inside the head and sewed it. Then I glued lace at the bottom and stitched the sides of the shirt.


The kid can then wear it on their fingers and have fun with it.

In case you are curious, read Why I undertook a ramadan craft challenge.


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