RCC – Calligraphy wall art


I had always found it difficult to do calligraphy. It was not my thing, it was Uzra’s. Nevertheless, I was always inspired by it.

Things we need:

  • a white paper
  • a blue paper
  • dollar store picture frame
  • paint & brush or use Sharpie
  • glue

So my solution was easy. I downloaded an image from the internet and traced it on the paper directly from the laptop. One can print it too – but I wanted to work on it a little.

Ramadan craft calligraphy (2)

Once it is traced, you can simply use a sharpie to fill it in. I, however, used my water paints.

Then I cut it in an appropriate size and pasted it on the blue paper. Ramadan craft calligraphy (6)

Lastly, I inserted it in the frame and fixed it on the wall.


In case you are curious, read Why I undertook a ramadan craft challenge.

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