Decorously placed little bottles,
with secrets in their bellies
the cucumber juice would go first (let it dry)
lemon juice would follow. (let it dry too)
grease with a mixture of olive oil and almond oil – equal quantities
a gentle stir, a light rub.
add powdered orange-peel dried.
with chopped rose petals and glycerin.

End: top it with fresh cream! Sleep for 8 hours to witness miracles. Enough for a more feminine me; I wish if I could get a bob-cut, hope out in my jeans, could get as ugly – as ugly could be, and eat to my fullest without fearing anything. (pimples, weight, skin, hair and God knows what else). I wish… (Ops! i dont wish it grr.. no i dont wish anything at all… *sigh* No!)

Dec 12, 2006