Buttons Joy.

Tiny colorful things are joy! so are buttons. Today we gathered our buttons and tried making two crafts. A bracelet & Clothespins cars.


For the Bracelets we needed

  • Some assorted buttons
  • Some pipe cleaners. Abi wanted purple and Ib wanted yellow, so we chose these colors.
  • A pair of scissors
  • something to secure the edge, paper tape etc


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Pakistan Day crafts

By the time we were growing up, patriotism was a norm. We sang national songs, waved the Flag, loved our country and felt so proud being a Pakistani. A lot of that feeling deteriorated over time though.

23 March

Nonetheless one of the first lullabies i sang to my eldest was “ye watan tumhara hay”, mainly because I want my children to associate themselves with Pakistan and somewhat feel the same bond with the land that we felt as kids. Continue reading

DIY Finger Paint

Needless to say, I love colors. And like all dutiful children my kids have inherited the genes so well. One of the first few words my 18m old learnt was ‘Calos (colors)’. So we occasionally play with our set of paints and cherish them.


I have found out that finger paints are less mess than the brush & Paint and it also entails less fighting. Obviously the dot markers are lesser messy and the best of them all should be all those mess-free & magic-water-painting kits. Continue reading