RCC 10 – Foil Art wall decor for Ramadan

Sunset chaser.jpg

Today’s craft was not only easy but it turned out very bright and cheerful as well. I had tried a couple of things in the past to engrave foil but none really worked before, Then I realized that I could use a glue gun or use anything that has depth like yarn and make a design and then lay foil on top of it.Foil art using Glu-gun as Ramadan Craft (3)

The things I used:

  • cardboard squares
  • Glue gun
  • pen to trace a design
  • sharpies to color
  • foil paper
  • cotton swab
  • tape

I just did a freehand drawing on all 4 cardboard pieces and traced the pattern with the hot glue.

Once I had the design cooled down, I cut a slightly bigger foil square and just wrap around the designed square and taped it.

Then the magical part – gently use a cotton swab to rub the surface and the design will start to pop out.

Last – color away as you like and make a wall hanging 😉

Foil art using Glu-gun as Ramadan Craft (1)

All Crafts in this challenge can be found here also read Why I undertook a Ramadan crafting challenge

2 thoughts on “RCC 10 – Foil Art wall decor for Ramadan

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