RCC 9 – Rock painting with Crayons

15 day Ramadan crafting challenge

This was an awesome craft as well, we couldn’t find the perfect smooth rocks here, the ones we found at the beach had really interesting patterns and I thought of giving it a try anyway.

We used: Rock crayon painting for Ramadan craft (1)

  • Different rocks
  • Assorted crayons
  • paints
  • liquid eyeliner

I though sharpies would work but they didn’t, so I used acrylic paints without diluting it water and outlined it with my liquid eyeliner 😉

Just put the rocks in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes and take them out. Put it on a thick cloth or heating-pad. and then just draw away.

The crayons soon start to melt and flow creating very interesting patterns. For the other one I drew in spirals and let abi pitch in too. I wanted to give it a beach theme. When we were done we let it aside to cool.

Then I wrote ‘Alhamdolilah’ (praise be to Allah) on one using black crayon and wrote Muhammad Rasool Allah (Muhammad is the prophet of Allah) using an acrylic color and outlined with an eye liner.

They looked so pretty. They can be used as paper weights or just as decoration items or a reminder to have gratitude 🙂

Rock crayon painting for Ramadan craft (11)

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