RCC 11 – Woven Crescent & Stars wall hanging

ovember 20-23, 2019adams open field (1).jpg

This is one of the crafts I had started doing and then left for days – I wasn’t very sure how will it turn out to be. But contrary to my doubts it did turn awesome.

One can find these crescent metal hoops from the crafts shop but I decided to use cardboard and foil instead. So I cut the cardboard and to make it a bit sturdy I folded foil paper in strips and wrapped the strips onto the cardboard. 

Once it was done, the weaving started. And though it appears to be complicated it was actually very easy. I used a blue & white embroidery floss in this project.

woven Crescent wall hanging as ramadan craft (3)

You tie the floss at one end and then make slip-knots 3-4 inches apart, such that you have 7-8 knots on the crescent. Then repeat but tieing the knots at the middle of each previous loop and repeat till it ends up looking like a perfect Crescent.

woven Crescent wall hanging as ramadan craft (1)

I did the same looping on three Bangles, here:woven Crescent wall hanging as ramadan craft (7)

Similar Looping in a way that 5 slip knots are tied on the bangles at equal interval and then repeat the process two more times, tying the knots at the middle of the previous ones.

It does sound difficult, but trust me it was easy 😉

Then I cut felt in features shapes and added slits on either side.

Then I picked some pompoms and assorted beads for the strings, I just sewed pompoms with the feature and added beads and added my Bangles starts with it.

Then I used some white pearl beads to make strings to attach it to the crescent.

TA-DA it’s done. and isn’t it pretty 😉

woven Crescent wall hanging as ramadan craft (10)

If you like these crafts please share them with other friends who might be interested in them too!

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17 thoughts on “RCC 11 – Woven Crescent & Stars wall hanging

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  2. Love this!!! I actually got all the materials for a dream catcher and never got round to making one because wasn’t feeling it. This seems like even a better thing to make! Thank you for saving my craft supplies from going to waste 😂xx

  3. What a great twist on an old favorite! I haven’t made dream catchers in decades. This would be a great craft for using up odds and ends lying around the house without any extra trips to the craft store needed.

    I also appreciate that you wrote such clear and detailed instructions with lots of pictures. For a visual learner like me this will make it much easier for me to complete the project and get similar results. Thank you!

  4. This is so cool, and it’s quite easy to put all the materials together – I like the hands ON nature of it. Thanks for sharing this awesome craft.

  5. This is so cool mA! And so creative 🙂 I wish I had the time to do it as I want to do a few other things before Ramadan so if I don’t get to it I will definitely keep it for next year iA.

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