RCC 6 – Puffy paint Masjid DIY

15 days Ramadan crafting challenge.jpg

We did a puffy paint craft here, and we loved it a lot. This one is even easier – with just 2 ingredients.2 ingredient puffy paint Majid diy ramadan craft (10)

All you will use for the paint is:

  • Glue
  • Shaving cream!

And any color if you want to make the paint colored.

For this craft, other the ingredients above, we used:2 ingredient puffy paint Majid diy ramadan craft (14).JPG

  • Masjid cut outs
  • food colors or regular colors
  • card stock
  • glue
  • scissors
  • brush
  • and puffy paint


Just mix the glue and shaving cream in equal proportions. I used 1/2 cup of both. Obviously, shaving cream can not really be measured, but you can’t really mess it up. So a good judgment should be enough.

Mix well. Add color. Mix well again. Apply on the cutouts.

The foamy texture was so appealing I ended up adding a drop or two of colors and twirl with a toothpick to create patterns.

Then we have to let it sit. Well I was tempted to try microwaving. It turned out good, but porous. It still had depth though.

For another one, I repeated the same procedure and just let it sit for couple of hours.

It turned out awesome, check:

The drying darkens the color and usually, the design is half gone. But it is interesting none the less.

The puffiness reduces with days. and slowly just almost flattens. but it was good while it lasted. And you will just want to touch it – but dont 😉

Do try this one with kids.

All Crafts in this challenge can be found here also read Why I undertook a Ramadan crafting challenge



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