RCC 7 – Lantern Shrinky Dink

Phew, I survived one week of crafting. Loved it. Wished if i had more time & energy to craft more.

Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (17)


Today’s craft is Shrinky dink, and it is amazingly simple 2 ingredient craft. All you need is:Ramadan craft lantern shrinky dink (1)

  • No. 6 plastic
  • sharpie or permanent marker
  • tracing paper, If you are tracing it from somewhere
  • and scissors
  • I also used foil paper to make small tray

Trace a design or do a free-hand drawing on a paper, trace it on 6 no. plastic using a sharpie, (usually the plastic lids of foil trays are No. 6 plastic.) Color it, and cut it.

Make a small tray using a foil sheet (it is better than using a regular cookie sheet) and place the cut design on it and bake it at 350 degrees for 2 mins or till it curls up and straighten back again. take out, let it cool (if it’s not straight gently press it for few seconds right after you take it out). It shrinks 3-4 times the original piece and hardens.

I intended to use it as a key chain so I cut a small hole before baking it.


Once it is cool, use a intended. I only used a black sharpie but colored markers can also be used for a variety of objects.

I made another pattern as well.

All Crafts in this challenge can be found here also read Why I undertook a Ramadan crafting challenge

17 thoughts on “RCC 7 – Lantern Shrinky Dink

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    • Yes thts what i did and the hole shrank but a wire culd pass through, one can drill
      The hole in the smaller version too but i thought its easier to do it otherwise

  2. Love this idea! Did this in primary school (can’t believe I still remember it) thanks for sharing 😊

    • Yes, and it is so open ended you can draw anything he likes and color it and bake it – my 3yo is obsessed with this one. She showed it to everyone (although she didnt activly helped me with this one-) and yesterday she managed to hang one of her toy with the blinds and said “mama look i made my shrinky dink”

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