the iman rejuvenating experiance.

My head is literally pounding and eyes burning, arid, dry. I have just done the cucumber therapy and if it won’t work I will get some rose-water treatment to it, owing to the weather the head says… but my heart’s telling a different tale. 

I’ve met her yesterday, someone I have never heard of, never seen, never thought of too, but she would turn out to be someone I have dreamt of becoming one day, too amazing for words, MashAllah. 

She’s roughly 58, very young-like old, fresh, with a halo of noor about her, and tenderness. She’s called Iffat, I dared not ask her surname, but she was someone I wanted to cry in the lap of! She told us that she’s selling the ‘extra’ furniture of her home, even though it was very dear to her but Allah SWT forbids to hold love for material objects, she wants to drag it all to bare basics, and also lowering the level of what exactly she thinks of bare basic! Inspirational!

Her’s was a simple home, way simpler that I have seen, and considering the fact that she’s quite rich, it was all marvelous, somewhat unbelievable too. She would tell us about the Quran classes that she had been giving, wow SubhanAllah, I knew she’s special ! 

She would tell us about her childhood about her family’s association with Maulana Moududi about how she got married when she was 15, about the migration and about her business that she would start to help the poor widows working in her home. And then she would tell us about him, her eldest son, who was born in 1971, and who is a martyr now, died in Allah’s way in Afghanistan. MashAllah, she would show us the picture too.. the very very quick glance that I had of him wasn’t good enough though, I don’t remember much of him now except a peshawari topi and light beard and the most amazing face I would be seeing, he is afterall the chosen someone, I wanted to ask her about his name but couldn’t thinking that it might be blasphemy! And the way she was telling about her eldest son, a young son…. Allah o akbar!!  with pride, you know, proudly! instead of grief that I would have expected! 

I wanted to hug her, tell her to pray for me, meeting her was heart wrenching, verily the people Allah SWT loves are different in their everything! This is something which isn’t leaving me.. its been a day and a half that I met her, yet it all seem so fresh, so real.. so un explainable! 

I dono why I wrote it here, but I pray, I pray that the track I was once a traveler of, and the track that I so boisterously left, may call me back. I wish if I return to what I had been, that now appears as once upon a time! 

Allahuma Aghfir va ar ham va an ta khair ur Rahemeen!! Amen suma amen!

spiritually and Iman-wise, very very low, and hoping and praying for a resurrection!


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