Just to keep the track of things,

I have Alhamdolilah learnt the names of Allah SWT!
and working on learning the names of The chapters of Quran!
the surats InshAllah ta’aala will follow next!
May Allah give me courage and iman and save me from the whispers of shaitan and shar of my nafs. amen!

5 thoughts on “Achievement.

  1. Aameen 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me following this blog… If it’s very personal then I will stop following..

  2. SUBHANALLAH! You are on the first step to Jannah with the memorizing of the Names of Allah!
    May Allah strengthen your imaan and your memory!

  3. Well very good that you have learnt all the 99 Attributes of Allah and added one Extra Credit to make it to the Final Abode of Jannah [:)]. I am thinking of writing something on these 99 Attributes from many days .. and I felt that whatever book or online information which is available on these 99 Attributes are quite less and I can write something better… I hope you will help me to give it a shape in form of a beautiful presentation… I was thinking of taking you in this regard from many days [:)]

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