Urdu poem

My second Urdu ghazal.
I’m not very well versed in urdu/english or for that matter in any language. But still, this is a meek attempt to express the feelings i have:

munafqat chupi rahi ata’atoun kay wujood mai
muje jan’natoun ki talab rahi, in dozakhoun ke jumod mai…

kuch aysay bazi hari hay ke zikr bhi muhaal hai
kisk aur ko sanam kea aur pari rahi sujood mai

mayri sab ebadatain bay samar mayri sab reya’zatain bay asar
mai dhondti rahi manzilain wo pinhan rahin Duroud mai!

sans layna qarz tha tayri bundigi ka mayre Allah
mainay zindagi tayag di kabi jhoot mai kabhi soud mai!

1 thought on “Urdu poem

  1. Well a very well written Poem and you used not only Urdu but one Hindi word too 🙂 but the two languages most of the time share many words… But I wonder why you call it a Ghazal… Its a Nazm I guess because the word ghazal is exclusively for “talking to women in poetic way” literally and these profound words don’t fit into the realm of Ghazal !!

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