Sadistically empty, I drove slowly and carefully to work, owing to the hurt that had alienated me from the world so nonchalantly, bashed me in the world of chaos, sans sanity, in the void-ness and emptiness. Hollowness erupted from no-where and wrapped me in its venomous spirals of smoke – of nothingness! I asked why.

It dawned upon me like sun and shone, the physical hurt, the emotional hurt and physiological hurt. The last being when youโ€™re so hurt that it shows as rouge on cheeks.

Ache was spilled on my skin as goose-bumps and beneath it like blood, inseparable from the flesh and bones. The big suction; and every pint of hope were sucked out of me, leaving me floating in the vacuum that remained, I wondered why.

So when tonight, I opened the windows, to blow a goodnight kiss, winds rushed in, they brought with them the tears that fell from your eyes into the abyss of loneliness, the words that escaped from your lips to form my name in whispers, the sadness that lingered in the silence of your sobs and some raw broken memories that littered the crevices of your incomplete room.

I now know, the why – because you had cried.

ps. This is half fact, the driving bit, and everything else is fiction.

pps. It might be a little non-coherent and you’d have to read twice for that ๐Ÿ™‚ and i would love if someone suggests a name for me?



11 thoughts on “

  1. its not incoherent at all…brings about the angst and sorrow prominently.
    Title:- dunno, am pretty abd at titles myself but “Throes of Pain” comes to mind.

  2. i loved the flow of words… raw, bare, honest words

    i guess ‘untitled’ does it just find… some emotions are too complex to be named!

  3. precise in your thought flow.. you have a straight outlook at things.. some times the brain farts with a good aroma indeed..

  4. When I opened the window, the moist air hit my face. The coolness of the air was surprisingly not refreshing. It was lingering and painful. As the wind engulfed me from all sides, I wondered why the silence was haunting. Something somewhere was wrong.

    Like the moist air hitting me before, realisation dawned, you had cried. A sigh escaped my lips. I shut the window like I had shut your memories from my mind. Banished every thought of you from my mind. I climbed into my bed for another of those sleepless nights. I silently said a prayer that may your cries cease. May the hurt leave no scar. May you forget me. May you be more successful in it than me. May you be happy!

  5. glad you all liked it.
    rash, amen! it was beautiful.

    of all the emotion, pain is the most powerful. we cry more often in pain than in anything else!

  6. amazing.. untitled is fine.. there are several f feings that r un-named and tit good that they r as they r hell complexed to b named..

  7. Its beautiful Jaana.

    She being clouded with his memories, throughout the day, and the at nights yet again. Beautifully written.

    The name, I guess the others are right, ‘untitled’ is just the perfect.

    Still , if you want, th eone which my mind would come up with can be :

    ‘Stained Smiles’

    But you keep smiling Princess ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. A fine composition. Capturing the mystique and conundrum of mixed emotions…

    Wonder how I missed it the other day. Terribly sorry.

    I’d suggest “Clairsentience” for a title.

    Peace. Be well.

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