My little men of 6 (feet)

How many letters are there in the word ‘Siblings’, i counted, eight. and what difference can a presence or absense, with striking distance in between, make? Unanswerable! million of miles away, we’ll still remain (InshAllah) the Us. Nothing what so ever can stop me from loving and aching for the people I can call my own. 
And I remember the day when we were very young and used to share a room, I remember how he’d take my hand before sleeping, a symbol of friendship that will last forever, a pledge that we’ll always fight for our kin and a vow to always take care of the youngest, Aaqib. 
Allah ji please protect my family and keep them save. Amen.

Flash Back: (written on the day when they left islo for the first time for so called higher-studies)
I don’t know what was it, how silence had obstructed me, sucked off all the blood from me, drain me of all the words and drown me in the void. I wheezed aound wondering how it happened? I bumped and jumped, rose and drown in the chasm like bubbles in a coke glass.
The sweat and tears hollowed me and I for one second thought that I would break the gravitation pull and would go poof! weightless in the air. That however, never happened.
Aatir and Aaqib went off in a Chuck-Chuck (train) something which we had not experianced since childhood. But now they’re grown up men, MashAllah! and it was inevitable for them to leave the nest. I love them enough to let them go, and hope that they reach save and sound. I hope they enjoy alot.
Au Revoir. Bon Vouyage!!
Sep 14, 2007.

11 thoughts on “My little men of 6 (feet)

  1. ohh..soo sweet…can relate completely…
    when my big bro left home 4 d first time 4 to mysore…i remembr my condition..oh…hard controlled tears…all d way..on airport..good bye n hugs..still controllin…reached home…n cried all day in my room…n remained lost n sad 4 days.. 😦
    though now used to it…now ven he comes n den leaves..den it doesnt hurt dat much…but d first time..oh..i cnt forget..!!

    n ven i ws supposed to leave home 4 studies..rembr my lil bro tellin me how much he’d miss me ven i’l go..ohh…n finally i didnt go!! stayed home 😛

  2. LOL .. when i left for the first time brothers told me they’d be ecstatic at freedom, but cried when i left! happens na! 🙂 ty!

  3. Sigh!!!
    Now I want my brother back with me…close to me…
    I want him to hold my index finger and roam around the park.

    Di, your post has left me feeling very emotional.
    Take Care

  4. My younger bro! My heart! My heartbeat! I’m scared to leave.Bcas that will mean going away from him. I will leave for studies , for life but he will always be my heartbeat!

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