Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. If you didn’t want to be tagged, you have my apologies.

1) I am extraordinarily ordinary. And trust me it is not something to boast of about.

2) There are so many me juggling inside to be the ‘I’, so perfectly opposite they are never at accord with each other, giving me a perfect excuse to vindicate my hypocrisy and the perfect organized mess that I am. Thankyou.

3) My biggest joy is life is my Religion, the more I read it the more I am captivated by it, I want to practice and learn the true essence of it. But my mortal self and human trait render it very difficult, I hope Allah holds me, protects me and save and guide me. Amen.

4) My stupidity is like a gray blob with radius of a good 12 cm on a black sheet, Very huge. Very invisible to the normal eye.

5) My deepest regret of the late is about my incapability to smile, utter lack of desire to mingle/talk with people and ease that I drive from being un-noticeable and invisible to others.

6) My flesh and bones are somehow very allergic to the sheer delight of coffee. It is one of my very grieved grief.

7) I write because I should, as I say my brain is always pregnant with ideas and words are always being produced here and there, I love to write one liners, quips, short notes, random quotation, I always carry a notepad with me, words can be born anywhere. I call it the spilling of my wisdom.

8) I live with my psedu-intellect and consider it complete, gloat over the fact and cherish me myself to an extent that can make me a imperfectly-perfect narcissist. Or for that matter stuck me with self-detest, which however is always compensated by kissing the mirrors.

9) I dream of sweet beautiful things, like flowers, bees, babies, chocolates and falling in love. Everything afterall, is possible in dreams.

10) I love people unconditionally, I do not hold grudge against any race, gender or religion, as long as they’re human beings. It is just that sometime I come across apes and monkeys in skin of man.

11) I think 21 is young, and 22 is quite grown up. The fact that I am 22 is depressing; the fact that Eric is still 16 and will never grow up is devastating.

12) I am polite and totally unable to say a ‘no’. and often misjudged by being available or interested or impressed etc. The truth is that I am not. I am just good at posing !

13) I have my pride and I more often get hurt too. If I don’t show, doesn’t mean I am not crying within. If I smile at your lame joke at my expense doesn’t mean I enjoy being ridiculed.

14) My favorite color includes every color. I cherish them, touch them, feel them, and feast my eyes with the sight of them. Alhamdolilah.

15) I don’t want me to lose the wonder of my eyes, only this is something which makes my soul juvenile, I wonder at the birds, the sky, the mountains. I play with winds, sing with sun and love the moon! And obviously I adore My Creator.

16) I am a forgiver, doesn’t mean I am a forgetter too. It is impossible. I do not forget what you do to me, until I discard you from everywhere, my life, me memories, my mind and even human race. And, no, its not cruel. Its strong denial. It is about justice.

17) I grew without playing with dolls. I have 11, packed in their boxes hanging with the walls of my room. From where they’d be thrown away, still packed in boxes. And I still find the grown up me very girlish. I wonder if its strange.

18) I should not consider myself different. If my dreams orbit the typical of career, love, children, family like the rest of the 98 % girls of town, How am I different?

19) My watches and clocks are out of order and I am justified in losing the track of time.

20) I love animated stuff and rationalize it by saying that the hard work that is being done in the production of such creativity deserves my seeing and liking it.

21) I have four white hair on my scalp and I’ve deduced I am old.

22) I speak a lot of incomprehensible gibberish. And it saddens me.

23) I have a weird idea of cleanliness, like, as marj says, I judge people by the way they laugh, by the way they put their shoes before climbing the carpet, by the way they clean the soap after using it, by the way cross their legs, by their movements and etc. and I am very very fearful of being scrutinized in the same way in return.

24) I tend to forget names, and it is horrible at most of the times. I am working very hard to stop doing that.

25) I want to do something, I have big plans, I just lack energy for their execution. The energy that sweeps out of the pores of my body and tickle down to gutter. I pray that one day, I somehow can be among people who have added to this world in a positive way, other than the usual carcondioxide and waste! I Pray if Allah makes me what He wants me to see. And I somehow stop utilizing my efforts in total meaning less things that I do! Amen!

I can go on and on and on. And still, when someone asks me about ‘who I am’ I end up finding refuge in silence, in not knowing of who I am.

And as I always say, I am a testimony of my people, please check:   http://asbahandwords.blogspot.com/2008/07/testimonial.html

I am tagging all the people I notified at WL and Comfortably Numb, Aamir, Rohan, Vinisha and Ganj.

wishes, Asbah.

31 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope.

  1. this is a pretty well dun tag…u hv painted a vivid picture of ur individuality through ur words…nice reading it made for!!!

    btw…did u tag me???

  2. Hey, I am sure my regular irregularities at WL prevented me from knowing you Aarthi 🙂 Ofcourse do that!

    I will love to read yours.

    Shruti – do yours!! quick 😉

  3. thanks for tagging me asbah..
    I too shall do it… 🙂

    like most tags, this was good in a way to know more abt u asbah…. 🙂


  4. ohh well…I actually know tht thr r 2 CNs out here in blogosphere…so was just confirming:)
    will do…lemme find out 25 writable things abt me 1st:D

  5. Thanks for the Tag 🙂

    But where is my writing space 😉
    My blog is just an empty space. Its more about silence than words.

    Anyway Nice to read much more about you and even if I try my very best I can never match the way you write the 25 Character-sketches about one self. 😀


  6. Hence it is specially for you Aamir 🙂

    I wanted you to start writing and when I decided to do the tag, I also decided to tag you, so that you start writing as well.. hehe!

    clever na?

  7. hi Asbah 🙂

    i mentioned ur blog in an interview i gave to a paki website… will inform you when it gets published.

    tc sweety!

  8. interesting list 🙂

    Aapko bhi naa kehna nahin aata? badhiya hai :d

    i too find it diffcult to hurt someone’s feelings, but there are times when i simply lose my cool and blow my top. at such times i try my best to keep cool, so in the bargain i go extremely quiet lest i say something i shudnt

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