I am sad, for you having to leave her and find someone, anyone to marry to have your happy ends. I am so sad for her that I can kill your someone!

I am angry, for you having to leave her and then trying to fill your senses by vindicating that you can take her as a friend or even sister! I am so angry I can stab you to death.
I am hurt, for you to leave me, for having myself abandoned by choice. I am so hurt I can suicide.
So now you shall wait,
Now you shall wonder
Now you shall wander.
No longer will I give of my madness to save you.
You are no longer worthy of the wonder in me.
But if I ask you to run with me,
From me,
For me,
Behind me,
After me,
To me…will you?
Meet me in my shadow
So that I can count your eye lashes
Meet me in my shadow
So that I can see the colour of your cravings
Be the You that knows the I in Me
There are no ‘I’s in Them.
We will be safe.
There will be no ‘We’ in their World.
So, make that choice… ask me.
I shall say yes…
I shall run, I shall scream, I shall fade, I shall follow, I shall flounder
…but I shall say yes
I shall send you my dreams in a basket
If you would hand me your hopes
… I shall say ‘Yes’.
(the poem is off from Maria’s Swan Lake’s Translation of Valtz 1.)

11 thoughts on “Choice.

  1. When I thought you had written this, I didnt have to wonder why! But when I realised you hadnt..I wonder why was it written and for whom?

    I felt as though it was written by some1 who knows me..:)

    You know what I mean!

  2. Swan Lake \m/\m/

    Darn could i relate to all of this or what!!

    Thanks for putting this up.
    Hum akele nahi hai :P:P


  3. Where are you? Where do I wish you? No New Year post!

    Please come back and share the love across …

    Happy New Year 2009!

    Cheers 🙂

  4. thankyou all. yes, i read the poem and wrote my half-fact and half-fiction piece with it!

    oh yes Rash you can relate i know 🙂

    biya, i will chk out soon 🙂

    Tan, I actually dropped something, you must have missed it out 🙂

    Aamir, not the poem, no!

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