Pyari Lekri.

My take on the child-abuse contest:

saat saal ki pyari lerki
Qismatoun ki maari lerki
phol chehra chand ankhain
titlioun si dulari lerki
hath mai kantay chubho rahi hay

kitaboun ke varq ulatne
aur khilonoun say behelne
kay bajaye
dukh daman mai sumo rahi hay

gali main phal phool bechtay
logoun ki jhirkioun ko sehtay
gandi nazroun say chupti phirti
sehmi sehmi si ho rahi hay

koi dard ka madava kerde
jholi mai uskay khushiyan bharday
koi sarii fikrain lay lay
uchal uchal ke wo bhi khelay
magar, khuwab khuwab theray

so, tanha tanha si nanhi lerki
phoul chehra, chand ankhain
apne bachpun say kosoun dour
phal phool bechtay
gali main,
khuwab apne duno rahi hay
Khushk ankhoun say ro rahi hay

Translation: (not very apt but, well!! please read)

the girl of seven,
doomed of fate,
flower faced, moon eyed
pretty as butterflies,
has thorns piercing in her palms

instead of flipping pages of her books
and playing with the toys
she’s gathering pain in her lap.

selling fruits and flowers in the street
suffering from people’s tantrums
hiding from their filthy gazes
she is fearful of all!

someone to relieve her pain
to fill her lap with joy
to take away all the worries
so she can jump and play!
But, dreams are dreams..

so, the lonely little girl
flower faced, moon eyed!
miles from her childhood
selling fruit and flowers,
in the street,
drowning her dreams
in the tears her parched eyes spill!!

Ps. Sandeep thankyou for helping/editing/improving and encouraging 🙂

11 thoughts on “Pyari Lekri.

  1. Well there is a Typo in the heading but it is Immaterial IF you read the Poem itself!!

    Its Like You’ve felt the agony of the Street child yourself!!

    May Allah Bless the پیاری لڑکی

  2. hindi one rocks!! hindi one rocks!! Who is this moron sandeep who even thought of offering help for translating it in english?? Ask him to stay away from mutilating great works… :):) Happy friendship day islex!!

  3. simply awesome…

    i never like the translated versions…bcz they cn never show the actual emotion…..

    i jst wish the pyari larki or rather larkian will be one day fortunate enough to become aware someone cares foh em too!

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