I’m a testimonial of them, who? please meet:

Mom and Dad: my Guardian angels, who bought me in this world, kneed Love in every inch of me and taught me that giving is divine. Who gave me trust and courage to go venture in this bad world, but never forget to keep a check, not because they trust me any less, but because they want to hold me before i fall. My ultimate Love, My ultimate Life. (Alhamdolilah)

Aatir – Aaqib: My sweethearts, siblings by chance, Best friends by choice. There is no limit to my love for you. The we, The Us, The I 🙂

Nunu: My grand/Godmother, My first love in life, when i lost her, I felt that I had lost everything I ever had.

Extended Family: Especially my mamoun’s family 🙂 Tameem, Aleem, Khuraim! my little joys of life.

Afreen Tarannum: My elder sis, My sibling from another Mom. The Elder me, My “someone” to watch over me. To protect me and To be always always there.

Uzra Batool Kazmi: My lost half! Someone that simply completes me and be my Reason of being, My reason of Self.

Aimen Humayoun: someone who, when we both were young, took my hand and took my Heart and lead me to light. Someone, I, All my life, carved to become! My second love of life, an eternal love.

Amatul, Sarah, Nabila: My people, who taught me living and laughing, who molded me in their bare hands, and I, became what they wanted me to be.

Bajjo: My Bajjo! who can call me Chunda and give me bearhugs and make sure I be alright.

Bushra Anjum: SHe amazes me always, frivolity, carefreeness and still her feminist charms!

Emmen, Adda, Lala, Obaid Bhai: My twins 🙂 dare i say more of them?

Shafaq/Anie/Ati/Nab/Zain/Adi: People who made my life, somewhat, easy!

Jia, Wasim bahi, Shug: my spiritual teachers!

Shahzad Bhai: Brother, in law and in all other respects! 🙂

Aruza Naeem: A perfect blend of Ingenuity, Intellect and perfection.

I must have missed many, people who inspired me once or more than once. I thankyou all for teaching me the art of living 🙂

I, as I always say, am not exactly cocooned, but I’m protected and sheltered in a very different way!

6 thoughts on “Testimonial.

  1. nice emotional post!!!
    siblings by chance, Best friends by choice.…well said!!!
    am sure all d people u mention would echo d same sentiments about u!!!

  2. wow!!
    everyone has such a special place in ur heart…
    and I m sure they feel the same too…
    I pray that the love you share with everyone never loses its charm!!
    Amen 🙂

  3. Yeh kab likha? 🙂
    Khair lovely entry as always.
    With loads of love and prayers your way. May Allah always keep a smile on your face and get you to meet your Prince soon inshAllah! 🙂

  4. Love! I feel gives us energy, hope and completes our lives. It seems Allah has blessed u…May it stay that way. Ameen.

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