Independence day Accessories

The independence day is crawling near and every street is slowly turning green.

70 years ago, on the auspicious day of August 14, my country Pakistan was declared an Independent state. However, millions were killed during the process. To honor their sacrifice, every year on August 14, Pakistani people don green, flags are hoisted on cars and houses, Green buntings and banners are made and hung on doors and walls and in the hum of patriotic songs we recall our promise to love our homeland till our last breaths. Insha Allah.

Despite the political mayhem which is prevailing the country, I think I am patriotic. I love my country. And naturally I want my kids to love their homeland too. IMG_5026.JPG

I want them to be part of celebrations, wear green attires, put on badges, make crafts and wear green accessories. Here are three easy accessories for Girls suitable for Independence day.

  1) Easy DIY Hair clip.14 August independence day DIY accessories (3)

You will need:

  • 2″X1″ long Buckram
  • a circle of 2″ diameter
  • hair clips
  • scrap of Green lace
  • UHU/Glue gun
  • few white beads

This is the easiest one, all you need to do is wrap the lace in circle and Glue the circle shaped buckram. Now paste the lace onto the Buckram and glue white beads on top.

Now slip the rectangular Buckram piece in between the two layers of clip. Glue the back of the circle and paste it to the rectangular strip. Let it dry.

Now Flaunt.14 August independence day DIY accessories (14)


  2) DIY Hair Pin14 August independence day DIY accessories (9)

You will need:

  • 2″X1″ long Buckram
  • 1″ diameter of Buckram circle
  • 6 cloth cirlces of 2″ diameter
  • Hair pin
  • A Pearl
  • Thread & Needle
  • UHU/Glue gun

Now, this is a bit tricky but easy part. Fold one circle in half and hem at the edges (I used Satin which was a bit difficult to handle, but you can use easier clothes like cotton). repeat for all the circle and then pull the tread such that a small flower is made, now tie a knot with the first petal. Glue the Buckram circle and carefully place the flower onto the cirlce.14 August independence day DIY accessories (2)

Now secure the thread, sew a pearl/bead in the centre and repeat the process mentioned above for attaching it to the pin.

And of course – Flaunt 🙂

14 August independence day DIY accessories (13)


3) DIY Beaded Bracelet14 August independence day DIY accessories (15)

You will need:

  • Green and white beads
  • Needle
  • UHU
  • Elastic thread

Honestly, it was easy too. (the only tough part was threading the needle) I just used a green and a white pattern. Then secured the knot with glue and pasted it with the closest bead hence giving it a neater look. Abi loved this one. Well at least for few minutes ;).

Happy preparing for August the 14th!


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