Letter C

For the week of C, we did the following Crafts

Learning (1)

C for cookie

It was simple we cut circles and added dots and then I let the kids paste each circle on the line of ‘C’


C for crab

I cut the shapes and showed abi how to make it, I glued the pieces and both kids did each side.


C for clouds

I cut shape of clouds and allowed kids to paste cotton on clouds, they both didnt like it much because the cotton kept sticking to their fingers. But we did it somehow, and then we pasted it along the line of C.


C for cow

We didn’t have a green paper, so kids painted a plain white paper green and a paper black (for the dots on the cow) and then I cut the shapes and let the kids paste it, I then drew the face.


C for cat

I cut the shapes and kids get to paste it.


C for caterpillar

I cut two colored circle and kids chose the color they wanted to paste. So one by one they pasted the circles, I told them the circles have to overlap and that they will alternate turns. Then abi pasted the eyes and I drew feet.


C for carrot

I cut orange paper, drew C and glued it and then told kids to fill the C with orange, ib was so much more interested in this as compared to abi. we then stamped our thumbs as leaves.


This marked end of letter C week. Insha Allah next week we will learn and craft D.

happy weekend everyone 🙂

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