Flower Craft – 2

We continued Our obsession with flowers – collecting flowers, pondering over flowers, cherishing flowers and well, crafting flowers too.


This week we did three flower crafts; First we did a sunflower craft using bottle caps. we used:toddler flower craft bottle-caps (1)

  • Assorted bottle caps
  • Glue Gun
  • A foam-sheet
  • White paper
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Green color & brush

I pasted the paper onto the yellow foam (Had to do it because the yellow foam made the yellow bottle caps invisible) pasted the central cap and allowed Abi to do the rest of yellow caps, (I glued them and let her paste them) and then we pasted the leaves and let the kids color them green. (you can just use green paper but we wanted it 3-D). and Ta-Da

Them we made this easy flower craft using:Toddler flower craft (10)

  • Ear buds
  • play dough
  • scissors

I cut the ear-buds in half, then rolled the play dough and flattened it and let the kids insert the buds in the play-dough.

The last one was awesome:

We just used pipe cleaners and glue. Twisted the pipe-cleaners and pasted it on paper. It made such an awesome addition to our fridge.

And last but not least. Flowers are beautiful, they deserve due applaud! And like Flowers every one of us is beautiful. Allah Swt Mentions in the Holy Quran:

Indeed, We have created the human being upon the best of forms. (at-Tin 4)

Which means every. single. one. of. us. is beautiful & unique. So chin up.

A Sun-flower is not a rose, but I am sure it doesn't mind it. I am sure it knows that sun-flowers are pretty in their own way.so are (1)

13 thoughts on “Flower Craft – 2

    • dont be scared dear Farah! The creativity usually is unleashed once you hve a baby – specially if its a girl ;))

  1. Oh masha’Allah would never have thought to use bottle caps to make a flower! Will have to start collecting them now

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