DIY Finger Paint

Needless to say, I love colors. And like all dutiful children my kids have inherited the genes so well. One of the first few words my 18m old learnt was ‘Calos (colors)’. So we occasionally play with our set of paints and cherish them.


I have found out that finger paints are less mess than the brush & Paint and it also entails less fighting. Obviously the dot markers are lesser messy and the best of them all should be all those mess-free & magic-water-painting kits.

But the mess-free kits are usually so  expensive and not much fun for the toddlers. Although for a brief period of time my 3yo did enjoy her water painting book because it could be used over and over again. But she now wants to handle real actual colors. She wants to feel the touch of color on her fingers!


And we prefer our fingerpaints. The store bought finger paint are so little, they finishes up so fast. And although they are said to be kids friendly I still wouldn’t want my toddler to try to taste-test it! which he would do anyway !

So I thought of trying a home-made edible non-Toxic finger paints.


The actual ingredients needed:

  • Cornflour
  • Food coloring

Water obviously and adding a bit of sugar/salt will help in coagulation process.


The recipe is simple, mix 2 table spoon of corn flour with 1/2 cup of water. Heat 2 cups of water on stove and slowly add the cornflour mixture and a pinch of sugar/salt – keep stirring on medium till it thicken and reaches a desired consistency. Something like a Vaseline!

Once its done, scoop out in containers and add food color and let the kids mix. I found out that using too much food color taint the skin and too little color is bland to paper. You will have to start adding a drop at a time and check its color and keep adding more color.

Having said that – well nothing matters as long as your kids are occupied for few solid minutes. Because all their awesome art-work are destined to reach one place  at the end *Trashcan*. Hehe!

Happy Coloring!!

5 thoughts on “DIY Finger Paint

  1. Hey asbah… its nice to see your blog after quite a long time… mubarak for two kids. Hope u r living a happy life.

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