A beautiful afternoon!

Grrrr!! I am angry. I am frustrated. I am upset and I am tired!!!
The sun is still bright, and there are still kites in the blue skies. A faint sound of airplane and my baby’s pause to salute this magnificent sight – an airplane in skies. She’s driving her car in reverse and then ahead again and shes looking at me for approval, a gentle nod, a kind smile, anything! It will make her feel nice probably the same way I sought for my mothers approval. I craved for that! And it already seems eons ago.
There are birds and chittering of kids! a one shoe-ed ib wants me to kiss his hands and his bib!

Honey came all the way up to give me this cup of soothing chamomile.

I hope all this pleasing life, ibs laughters and this tea makes me forget my strange sadness! I go cheer my girls achievement of taking the log out and climb it. And I live this fleeting surpassing beautiful life!

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