The afternoon sun steals peeks after peeks from my window and the vanilla-chocolate-chip ice cream tub empties slowly, I move my fingertips on the key boards wanting to write about a girl who put kohl in her eyes, let her hair hung loose and wore in them, dried maroon strange flowers that grew in her garden, who would dream a forbidden dream and would want to re-dream it every night, who broke her vow and she knew that she would do it again and again, and who, despite knowing that the inevitable hurt kept lurking behind every shadow, every smile, every sane moment on the gloomy path that she had chosen to live, would tread on.

But I owe a tribute to some people, and I decided to put it up lest it’s late. There are mothers and fathers who create you in their womb, your limb, your eye, your heart, and then there are second mothers and second fathers who create your ideas, dogmas, perception, limits, personality… who make you – you!

Two bravest people I have the privilege to be twin of, who’re my sibling from my other mom! My sister. My brother. They might never read this piece, but this should never stop me from writing my feelings for them. Miss Emen Farooq. My little miss sunshine, who glow at me, inspires me, and make me love her endless, boundless, limitless. All my bestest wishes and my ardent prayers for her. Mr. Owais Farooq. Someone who’d teach me the art of smiling in the depth of darkness, in the hardest of tests!! My other second utter complete inspiration. I pray with all my heart that both of them may always have the bestest news to share with me. Amen.

Insya, because she’s the little me. She’s everything I am, and I fear if she would become someone like me ! I dread it.

Sum baji, I have seen amazing people, but this one lady is made up of exquisite porcelain, gorgeous, graceful and inspiring! One of the other brave people I’ve met. She’s someone I really want to grow into! *prays*

Last but not least, I’ve to thank Mav for writing so beautiful. Intense. Grotesque. An enchanting read. Specially writing the continuation of my post – sinister. Asphyxia

This post was scheduled to be posted on May 9th, I apologies for the delay.



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  1. Did anyone tell you that you’re lucky to have so many people who you care about, and who care about you in return? I think, you know that already. And, I think, they’re just as lucky.

    I also think I should leave this comment to this only… don’t want to intrude in this private post.

    Keep writing, you seem to have a wonderful way of saying things…


  2. Heartwarming post Asbah.

    But I didn’t like what you say about yourself sometimes. You know that we live the way we think we are don’t you? You change the way you think and other things will follow.
    Love your self unconditionally Asbah, while you strive to become the person you want to be.
    Godbless you too.

  3. Nice way to tell them how much they mean to you… heartfelt 🙂

    Wishing you all the best in life… take care… 🙂


  4. different post dis time around…a very nicely presented token of appreciation to evryone who is important to u!

    Thnk u so much fr da compliments! Nd believe me its an honour to be able to share da same workspace wid u nd learn from u!

    Thanks for dat! 🙂

  5. Aww that was a lovely way to thank them. I’m sure they’ll all love it.

    P.S. I sometimes also don’t like the way you write about yourself. *hupmh*

  6. Asbah, i m adding ur blog to my blogroll. some fine day wud read all of ur posts or on the reader.

    invitin u to visit my main blog too.

    god bless

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