Kuch tu…

the acknowledgments on ‘javaaz’ is well received πŸ™‚ it has also encouraged me to post another old piece.
I rem writing it, sitting on my bed right next to the window and studying Biology when rain had started, it was on impulse, i wrote it on the last page of bio book πŸ™‚
the date was feb 03, 03. I was in class 11.
please read πŸ™‚

ajj phir say
badal garaj garaj kay barsay
main chup gaye thee darr sayy
panha kitaboun main dhondnay lagi thee
per dil main ajab halchal machi thee
ajj phir say wohi shorishain theen
barasti ghata’in tarpa rahin theen…
mujhi mai ghusi ja rahi theen
woh baatain sari..mujko yaad a rahi theen
dhalakti rutoun main kuch tu chupa thaa
zahir thaa kuch.. kuch Kyun pinhaa’ thaa?
iss rang-o-boo’ ki mehfil mai bhi koi
bohat anjan, bohat tanha thaa…
har soo baycheni hi gunguna rahi thee.
aur woh tu bass… chali ja rahi thee
ajj phir say…
kuch tu huwa thaa

translation would be…

so today,
the clouds thundered and rain fell
afraid, i hid,
seeking refuge in books
but my heart was turbulent
today – the noises roared again
the heavens, ripped open….pouring,
an unknown yearning they ignited!
were piercing in me!
something was concealed in the falling mist (read moments)
a bit was revealed but why was the rest hidden?
even in the party of colors and smells..
someone was a mere stranger, someone was very alone!
A nervous anxiety, hums audibly,
and she.. was just walking away
some thing must had happened!

Shorishan – shor / noises
dhalakti – falling
Pinhaa’ – hidden!

okay, i re-read now and i felt like couple of things can be done here and there πŸ™‚
but I let it be, the way it is, the way i felt on the day i wrote it.


Translatio help – grattis Mav πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Kuch tu…

  1. loved it loved it!! so b’ful πŸ™‚

    hayee…urdu kitni pyaari lang hai yaar…really…so lovely…
    so poetic…

    its rainin der? here too… kal se…
    mausam kuch itna haseen sa hai…

  2. beautiful asbah… simply beautiful..!! urdu poetry is so lovely.. wish i also knew urdu… and as usual.. you have your thoughts wonderfully woven into words… rains.. aah.. rains are so beautiful.. arent they??

    seeya around dear.. take care…

  3. *thundering applause* with a few catcalls thrown in:D
    lovely composition yaar, poignant stuff:)

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