EL Dorado!

The gross silence silhouetted at every wall of this room, only broken by a random cricket’s crackle. The moth of loneliness slowly crawled over my heart and filled the room. Every wall. Every corner. Dreams tiptoed from my eyes, stumbled at the cadaver of night, fluttered their wings and flew out from the window of reality; to a place where everytAdd Imagehing was possible and nothing was unreal.
But, despite the pleas, sleep wouldn’t come, and I would find myself struggling, torn between insomnia and sleep deprivation, I would be breathing silence, crying silence, living silence and not-sleeping silence. My lips would glue together and night would trickle away, minute by
minute, second by second. The stars would suddenly stop glowing, the winds would stop blowing, the haunting screaming beseeching memories and darkness would prevail, more eerie, more dark, more life-like  –  sad and drenched.
The loneliness would kneel in the middle of my room and would sob away to eternity.
The dreams on their way back to eyes would stun themselves against the window pane.  And their corpses would litter the floor.
 Lone-ly night,
    cob-webs of me-mo-ries
Twists and Turns!

13 thoughts on “EL Dorado!

  1. asbah … girl… what an impact your words have!!!… and what vivid descriptions..!! temporarily transported me to some other place!

    can relate to these thoughts very much… sleepless nights, where memories haunt… and loneliness drives you crazy… aww… really touching…

    keep writing… take care!!

  2. Woah..!!whenever i want to be transported to another universe i ll contact travel agent asbah 😛

    Brilliant with super classy lingo..!!!Wiki or google? j/k j/k 😛

    And the haiku…!!*standing ovation*

    Cheers to freedom 🙂

  3. this was just too vivid…very poignant too.
    The moth of loneliness slowly crawled over my heart…gr8 expression:)
    unfulfilled dreams…agony…despair:(

  4. As soon as I saw the title El Dorado, I thought it’d be something similar to that Disney movie Road to El Dorado.
    As usual, the silly me, rambling about things.

    Anyways, the expression..Di…was simply *muah*
    How do you think of such brilliant words??

  5. Oh My, it was actually just a rant, and i wasn’t really expecting such appreciation 🙂

    pleasure is all mine, so Glad you guys liked it!

    CN, this still remains my most favorite line 🙂

    Prats, aww thankyou

    Tan, I’m just thrilled 🙂

    Shu, sweetheart, thankyou 🙂 El-Dorado is a imaginary place of gold and glitches, of dreams and happiness 🙂 hence the name, El-Dorado !

  6. Simply Wow… Felt like as if i was reading some poetical composition by some renowned poet !!

    Nice usage of words !!

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